Upcoming Chapter Web Sites

Hello folks,

As many of you know, NACHI is in the process of developing a centralized hosting/management system for all chapter Web sites. I’m pleased to say that we’re pretty close to the first beta run for these sites, and I just wanted to post a quick preview of what’s to come.

The link below will take you to a demo of general site design for these sites. Refreshing the page will load a new random design. Each state will have at least 4-5 (often more like 8-10) styles to chose from, plus we will be adding additional color and font schemes for each style.


Each site will be maintained online by the Chapter through a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) interface. The system will tie into the existing member list and search features so that chapter member lists and chapter officers can be maintained with little-to-no data input. The event system will eventually tie into an automated announcement system that will alert potential chapter attendees of upcoming meetings through e-mail.

I’ll post more on the final workings of the system when everything’s worked out. We’re still pulling parts together, and features might change or be saved for later releases so that we can get a simple system up and running as quickly as possible.



You can go to http://beta.nachi.org/chapters/ and hit your own refresh button to scroll through all the design PICs.

NACHI thanks staffer Beccah Levine for the geographically-based PICs.

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Here’s a preview of how the Chapter Web System is going. Right now I just have the members/officers page up, but pretty soon we’ll be able to open that part of the system up to our chapters so they can register their chapter and start listing members. I really need to work on RealMatcher the rest of this week, so I probably won’t make much progress on the pages/design section until Monday or so.*

*Play with it… It’s blazingly fast.


Chris Morrell
Director of Information Technology