NACHI convention? Did I somehow miss it?

I have not received or heard anything of a NACHI convention this year. Last year’s convention in Toronto (mid May) was a marvelous eductional experience, and I’ve been really looking forward to this year’s convention.

Did I somehow miss it? Is it not set yet? I know last year I got enough email notification that there was no way to miss it. It would be hard to imagine missing it while keeping my eyes open for it…

This year’s convention was cancelled, so we all missed it. :frowning:

That’s a real drag. I was looking forward to it. Learned so much last year, and I was eager to catch programs along the lines of those that were “conflicted out” last year.

lol…Nick probably cancelled last years because I was the NACHI Member of the Year…lol…Would have simply broken his heart to present me with it…lol…( I am joking Nick…kinda…lol )

We didn’t cancel last year’s convention, it was great: It was the largest educational event in inspection industry with 7 full tracks running for 3 full days.

We tried to do Inspection Universe in FL this summer but had less than 20 RSVPs, this in contrast to the event we’re holding in Toronto this August where we already have 125 RSVPs already and expect 250

ASHI had weak turn out at their recent convention. ITA reporting low RSVPs for their upcoming event and we are on the fence about taking a booth this year (last year we bought 10 booths).

I’m not sure why the big events are so unpopular this year. It might be a combination of:

Very true Nick…just about everything an inspector needs is available right here, I guess a convention would be nothing more than meeting folks face to face we have only posted messages back and forth too…but I personally have met and spoken on the phone to many many members here which is really nice to meet so many great guys.

I think we should have a big convention at the InterNACHI office and
just eat pizza and forget the classes…:slight_smile: Everyone bring tomatoes’ and
let each speaker take his chances…:slight_smile:

With all the tomatoes I could get, I could easily switch from margaritas to bloody marys. :margarit: