Nachi Convention

Stand By soon the big announcement on the NACHI Toronto Convention.
I expect this will be great
Some comparisons
NACHI Convention … CAHPI Convention
Cost NOW $399:00 Nachi members $725:00
Cost Now $399:00 CAHPI members $625:00
Spouse $50:00 both NACHI and CAHPI
Includes every thing at the NACHI convention
Spouse $100:00 both NACHI and CAHPI
Includes Banquet only at the CAHPI Convention.

All real estate Persons can attend all functions at the NACHI Conference for free.

NACHI has not even advertised the Conference yet and has had a huge amount of pre registrations .

I am also lead to believe that CAHPI is going to extend their registration from Sept 15th as they are not getting the turn out they hoped for .

NACHI offered a free booth to CAHPI and NACHI Members prices to all CAHPI members.
Unfortunately NACHI has not had the courtesy of a reply from CAHPI .
I personally phoned the Pres. of CAHPI and sent a follow up email confirming The NACHI offer.
This is far from fair to the CAHPI members and very poor etiquette to not even tell the CAHPI members of the offer I made for NACHI

I think this shows why our Canadian Associations are just sitting spinning their wheels.
I hope the membership See how your directors feel about you .

Roy Cooke NACHI where more join every day


Why am I hearing that the Toronto Convention had been cancelled? Is this just a rumor going around or what?

I need to know something, anything. Several Vendors and Educators are beginning to get concerned. They have not heard from anyone.

Rumor. We are doing Toronto up big! Be there.

John you know the old storry if you have not heard a rumor by ten oclock you have to start one .
No it has not been cancled .
The official anouncement is just about finished and will soon be realesed.
Gee it overl 7 months away who anounces there convention that far away .
Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI Member

Talking about a booth price - am* I correct in understanding that a booth will cost $1200.00. If so, why is this double what we have generally paid in the past for conferences? Please feel free to correct me if I am wrong.*
Regards, Claude for ISS - Inspection Support Services Inc.

Claude, I’ll buy you a booth if you will speak for a bit at the convention.

Anyway… the event is on, the hotel cashed our $10,000 deposit.

CAPHI & OAHI have free booths if they want them.

Are there going to be many from the US that would be interested in a code course?

Greg, most everyone who has registered so far is from the U.S. There are only a few hundred inspectors in Toronto. Once one commits to getting on a plane to go to an event… it doesn’t much matter where it is.

Greg, can you do a Code course?

I don’t think OAHI is interested in anything from Nachi. The current BOD is very strict with anything to do with Nachi, and any mention of it on the CAFE will result in suspension. Otherwise I would post the info myself on the CAFE.

Thanks Nick for trying.

Cool. Glad to hear it is still on.

Who on the convention committee do I send the concerns of the Vendors and Educators?

Yes sir I can which would you like to have?

Residential or Commercial

One of each would be the cats meow.

I thought Mr Bowman was the chair.???
Roy Cooke

Just to give you an idea of what Joe and I can do.

Home Inspections and Code Fact or Fiction
(developed for chapter meetings)

IRC Exam Prep Course

IBC Exam prep Course

Disaster Response Inspector Certification

Coastal and Flood Plain Construction Inspector Certification
(Both of these are used for disaster response)

Property Maintenance and Housing Inspector Certification
(used to inspect public housing for municipalities)

We will have our new construction training ready by the convention date.

New Construction Phase Inspection Training

New Construction Developer Training and Marketing

Just let us know if any of those would fit in.

Can someone who knows how to start a poll put one up on this Canadian forum asking whether we should have Greg do residential or commercial please?

John could you send me a list of the vendors that are concerned to me. Just about every vendor that went last year has signed up and paid for this Toronto Convention. I also I have a lot of new vendors going, some Nick has never heard of.

Please consider Inspection Support Services Inc, and yes, we can likely provide a speaker.


How is Harry Jenson doing?If you can update here do it or e-mail me please.


Harry is doing quite well. He was able to attend a Test Inspection in Kitchener last week end. Everyone was glad to see him. He is has lost some weight, but gaining his appetite and his sharp wit back. He has a mechanical heart installed and is still on a waiting list for a transplant.

I understand he has also made it out to the Toronto meeting group about a week earlier, and met up with some of his friends there too! Harry has offered to take on more teaching and training duties for ISS.