NACHI E-Mail Policy

Because of recent discussions about access to NACHI-listed e-mail addresses, Nick and I have decided to define a new, clear policy on who we can share NACHI members’ contact info with. To help define this policy, I will be posting a few polls over the coming weeks. Here’s the first question.

I vote YES. Let ME decide what news sources within my industry I wish to opt-out of. Remember, vendors include educators and if Greg Bell is having a class down the street in my neighborhood… I want to know. If PVS is offering a new NACHI version… I want to know. If an E&O insurance company launches a NACHI discount… I want to know.

I vote YES. If I was an inspector I would think that I would want ALL the inspection-related information from all the inspection vendors out there. Then I’LL decide which ones I want to opt out of (even if I have to delete some repetitive emails, opt-out, or block incoming emails from sources I’m not interested in).

I agree with Nick, vendors can send me their ads, if I don’t like them I hit my Junk Button just like I did with the Save My License ads, which unlike true SPAM uses only two addresses. I just went into my Junk Files and used their Opt out Buttons to see if they work, and I do get their e-mails on both of my Email Accounts, my Bitch is that they use “Nachci” and “NACHI Membership” in their address, along with the NACHI LOGO in their ads.

Nick should require all NACHI Affilates and Vendors to quit using NACHI and NACHI Membership in their addresses.

At least these “ads” are easier to get rid of than “JUnk” snail mail

How hard would it be to add an opt out feature in our profile so that we can decide individually? Why should it be all or nothing? Like Nick just said “Let ME decide”.

Great Idea Neil

It’s not like I want you to get spammed to death but I want NACHI members to be aware of everything new that might give you all a competitive advantage in the market place.

You can ask anyone who knows me personally… I read at an 8th grade level, but when I was an inspector I read everything inspection-related that came my way.

I would vote yes if the choice was worded with not only a clear opt out option, but also a clearly stated policy outlining what action NACHI will take with policy violators.

Also a clear policy limiting the spammer to sending one email only. If you send me an email trying to sell me something, I will probably ignore it. If you keep sending the same email, I will add you to the list of people I will never do business with. I may even report you as a spammer.

Nick I think you should make it clear to vendors that if you get complaints about spam from them or there is no opt out then they will be taken of the NACHI list. If this is done then I would vote yes. Also the vendors should only be allowed to use one e mail address per inspector. ie I get each e mail sent to me twice on different e mail address there is no need for this.

I agree that there should be rules in place for the vendors and if they break them then they should loose their NACHI approved status.

As a member and a vendor I don’t mind email solicitations. It’s easy enough to sort throught the BS emails. However, I refuse to do business with anonymous companies and will junk any stuff they send me. Affiliates that join NACHI for the sole pupose of vending to us should at least have the courtesey of properly identifying themselves.

NACHI affilliates and members that want to vend to us should be required to identify themselves when they solicit us. I think it’s bad business practice to do otherwise.

Holding company names do not cut it. If you don’t disclose your true identity then I assume you must have something to hide. If I don’t know you, I won’t send you my money.


Thats funny, when I met you… I thought you were in at least the
ninth grade.


I enjoy most information from the inspection business, but would like to suggest that NACHI impose upon the individual vendors,
the right to “opt-out”.
Then I can choose that which I’ve seen too many times, and have no interest in any more, and continue to get the info that I do want.

Just my 2 cents…
I’m off to our Southern Colorado monthly NACHI Chapter meeting!
see ya!

Send it all.

I can Sort and Delete.

Sort, Delete or send an “unsubsribe me” email if its junk mail. No huge deal. I agree with Nick! I’ve met Nick in Vegas, so dont let him bull Sh** you,… with the 8th grade crap… he is a very smart man. :wink:

I feel NACHI has an obligation, as the largest and best organization, to keep us informed!
As Nick says, let me pick & choose.

Russel you are starting to scare me… On the Nick payrole?

Poll is very close.

I’m with Joe on this.


So, here’s a thought. Let Chris develop a page of all vendors that want to offer wares and let us OPT IN to their advertising on that page rather than having to Opt Out once we get their e-mails.

I second this!!