NACHI E-Mail Policy


A similar system is in the works, but it won’t be quite some time before we have it perfected. Until then we need to define a policy for the existing system.

The only problem with that is most members don’t come to the board. Only a very small percentage of members visit this board.

OK Chris, in which case then I say we should be able to go to our profile (wherever that is) and select whether we want our info shared or not. Sort of a NACHI 'Do Not E-mail" list. NACHI should not share member information without our explicit permission.

That’s true and I realized that after I posted.

I like that motto. :slight_smile:

Send it all… let Joe sort 'em out! :lol:

I see the light now. 32 people (the majority of the vote right now) get to decide the fate of 9000+ members. This poll should be spammed to the rest of the membership!

I have set my email filter settings to recognize NACHI org emails as spam and have found that very few of the vendor items make it through. Those that do, get zapped without opening them.

I know what services and “benefits” I need and desire. I do my own research on products and items that I might find useful or necessary. I am a good consumer and I do not wish to be sold anything that I do not want. To the Trash Bin with them!

What inspector woudn’t want it ALL and the option to decide for his/herself whether or not he/she wants future emails from that source? Remember, we’re not talking Viagra spam, we’re talking about emails from the VERY INDUSTRY that feeds our member’s families! This is a silly poll. There isn’t an inspector alive who would choose ignorance over inconvenience.

Anyway, I regularly kiss my sons goodnight, set my alarm clock for 4 am, drive 2 hours to the Denver airport, fly out to a chapter meeting (where I’m due to speak) 7 or 8 hours early so I can meet with an industry vendor, twist his arm to give NACHI members some little extra perk, deal or discount, and fly back home the next day exhausted just to save members a few buck or give members a potential competitive edge that might be of interest to some members. How do you think NACHI members got the which does not offer deals to non-members? This stuff doesn’t fall out of the sky on our heads.

If I can do all that, members can suffer the horrible and tortuous pain of having to hit the delete button a few times if they aren’t interested.

I dont’ need emails from (or others like them) which claim to be a NACHI affiliate yet fail to properly identify themselves.

Their solicitation is unprofessional at best, their service is worthless and rates the circular file. It’s pure junk.

It’s mere presence and your failure (Nick) to confirm or deny their affiliate NACHI status, reflects poorly on NACHI and legitimate vendors here that have something of value to offer the inspection community.



Anyway, I regularly kiss my sons goodnight, set my alarm clock for 4 am, drive 2 hours to the Denver airport, fly out to a chapter meeting (where I’m due to speak) 7 or 8 hours early so I can meet with an industry vendor, twist his arm to give NACHI members some little extra perk, deal or discount[

I would have to guess it’s the other way around.

Vendors probably are twisting your arm to have YOU post a PERK to help THEIR BUSINESS.

Your Twisting their arm, give me a break…:shock:

And I agree with John Onofrey …!](“http://www.”)

So have I Joe!

I’ve read thru several replies - opt out is very important - I can choose - QUESTION - Once the vendor has NACHI 9000+ email list, what prevents them from selling the list? And like someone asked before, what can/will NACHI do if a vendor violates NACHI policies? or continues to send email if someone chooses to opt-out?
Just my 2 cents.


When I speak at chapter meetings I always ask how many of the attendees visit the MB regularly. Only one or two hands go up.

Check out the “Users List”. Fewer than 200 members have posted as much as 100 times. Only two posters on this thread have posted*** fewer*** than 100 times.

Does that tell you anything?

I guess we have a name now.

This is real simple

Change your profile and take your email address out

In reality clients do not find you by your email address they find you by your phone number

This is a no brainier

And I like NACHI vendors and NACHI to send me email – I know that the word is getting out to all members that have email addresses and just not the few that come to the board

I tried (with no success) to get our Florida NACHI leaders to send information emails to all Florida members about licensing

The only mass emails that THEY have been able to get out relates to their agenda

Keep me on all lists – I do not see a problem here that is worth the computer time to correct


How about allowing members the opportunity to make some extra cash by selling these CD’s to vendors? Just trying to figure a way members can get in on this. I understand vendors are paying $3500 a CD? Who gets the cash?

Erol Kartal

Hmmmm… :)+

Nope, not on the payroll, Todd.

There’s no doubt that 95% of the notices I get are a real PITA. and, they go to 3 or 4 email addresses I have, so I really get dumped on by them.
Most I just trash. Very few do I even read. But, occasionally, there is one of interest.
And, with my volunteer position (see signature, below), I feel I have an obligation to be aware of what’s going on.
Even if it is a big PITA!

John O.: NACHI doesn’t have an affiliate membership and if it ever adopts one I certainly won’t be the one who grants them.


I had the pleasure of spending a full day keeping up with Nick in Atlanta yesterday as he went from one end of the city to the other, meeting with company after company to secure better benefits for NACHI members. For those who have not driven a car in Atlanta, I can assure you, you have to be committed to challenge that traffic.

Nicks focus in all of the meetings was to secure as many benefits as he could for the organization. We even had a 1 hour lunch with companies that flew up from Florida just for that hour!

NACHI has more benefits available to its members than I believe its members even know of.

As a vendor, inspector and sponsor of many events and been on the other side of putting together specials for this organization, I cannot help but feel that maybe some members are forgetting how business works.

I an only ask you to look within. When a realtor requests you to sponsor an event with your marketing dollars and then says you cannot come to the party or get the contact list after spending all that money, it leaves a very bad taste in your mouth. You probably will not support the realtor any more with any of your marketing or sponsorship dollars.

For us vendors it is no different. We want to support this organization and give as much as we can for the better of the industry and association as a whole. We need your support in return.

I would also mention that from a business perspective, I belong to every spam email from a competitor I can get onto, every vendor, every inspector, realtor etc. I literally receive hundreds of emails every day of information and I do look at each and every one of them.

If you don’t know what is going on how can you know how to react and grow.

One of the greatest benefits of NACHI to its members is it’s internet power, it ability to communicate information to every member and the speed at which it can react to situations. If NACHI members are not kept up to date this will have disastrous effects.

With my inspectors hat on I would suggest that if you don’t like the emails just mark them as Junk and you will not get them again.

Just my two cents.