NACHI expanding into all things inspection-related. Join network today. Free.

Someone proof it for me too.

Who are the “vendors” referred to on the sign up form? Has that form been Canada-ized? Is that a prospective client? would be the approved NACHI vendor in this case. NACHI needs permission from you to put you on the OverSeeIt network.

Yes, it is 100% Canadian-friendly.

Very smart, Nick. Great angle. Your approach is 5x5. Roger. Tango Two Delta, vector inbound to…

Oh never mind. Great idea!


“Have one our local” change to “Have one of our local”

Thanks Will. Fixed.

On the About Us page.

Oops, on all the pages that have the list of services

Should be only two r’s in warranty.

1 year builder warrranty inspections

Should be foreclosure with an e

Forclosure inspections

Shading goofy on the bubble for list of 10 questions.


Fixed. Thanks!

How does one go about adding to or correcting their listing. I.E. adding website…


It takes effect immediately on NACHI sites such as and within 48 hours on and


Go to the to of this page where it says “Members-Only Log” in and after logged in edit your profile.

Too cool, thanks Nick