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We need to populate the database across N. America so sign up please.

I’m in Nick.

I’m signed up. Let’s rock and roll! :slight_smile:

Thanks Nick!

I signed up but, have a question???

If you have to be a NACHI Inspector why do you need to sign up?

Is this to see who is actually reading the NACHI Web Site?

It only searches by State or by Last Name.

I am just confused by the reasoning behind the design of this site. Are there Inspectors that will not do inspections unless it is for a real estate transaction?

If that is true, why do we not have all these other types of inspections listed in our members only area as Ancillary Services?

By the way, I want PWFS (Permanent Wood Foundation Systems) added to My Ancillary Services. This is a specialized service.

Hey I see Bill Mullen is now a NACHI member! Congratulations Uncle Bill on becoming a NACHI Member you have made a great decision, and knew you’d see the light one of these days. What took you so long? :slight_smile:

There’s nothing permanent about wood foundations

Jason, the OverSeeIt network does not automatically list all NACHI members because we are running OverSeeIt ads in remodeling and new home magazines to prompt consumers to call one of the inspectors in the network to come out and look at their construction project. This is a different service than a traditional home inspection and we only want inspectors in the network who know about OverSeeIt, so inspectors have to actively sign up for it, just like they do for www.IAC2.org

In a way you are correct in that if you don’t follow the message board, you miss a lot of opportunities.

They are more permanent then any other foundation system.

PWFS does not use standard wood or standard treated wood. It uses Foundation Grade Lumber Only!

PWFS are engineered to outlast the rest of the house. When they are built properly to the engineering plans they do outlast the rest of the house.

How long does it take for the drain tile of other foundation systems to clog or fail in some other way? That is a failure of the foundation system… by using drain tile as part of the foundation system it has been designed to fail.

Any foundation system designed to keep water out will fail. PWFS are not designed to keep water out, they are designed to work with nature by redirecting water away from the foundation.

PWFS is a design that was created by a group of engineers who wanted to design the very best foundation using the very best, longest lasting materials available. They did not set out to design a wood foundation system. Wood just happened to be the best material to use in a foundation system.

The first thing you should do when you see a PWFS is to ask if there is an engineering plan for the foundation. If there is none, it most likely not be built properly.

These and many other reasons are why I would like to have PWFS inspections listed as an Ancillary Service. It is a specialized service and they should be inspected as they are being built to ensure they are being built to the engineers plan.

Have your local NACHI Chapter Rep contact me. I will help them out with setting up a training course on PWFS in your area. The course is a mind opening course.

we only want inspectors in the network who know about OverSeeIt [

I understand, If someone called me about something I was not aware of I would be confused and that would not make the customer very confident in my services. :D:cool:](“http://www.IAC2.org”)

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DONE! Thanx.