NACHI expands into Taiwan today.

Planet NACHI…*. resistance is futile. :smiley: *


Its about time we had inspectors there. All of my tools are made there.:wink:

Didn’t we just hook up with China?

Question: When China invades Taiwan, whose side are we on?


One of my friends is Chinese and he has a globe he brought with him from China. All the countries are in color except Taiwan is in all black with some Chinese words across it. When I asked him what it said in English he told me it read “This part of earth temporarily taken over by barbarians” :roll:

Kind of made me think of Tampa.

Have you seen what NAHI has been saying about Florida? Left unchecked you might have to write off the whole friggin’ state as taken over by barbarians! Hope you have a trick or two left up your sleeve. :smiley: