NACHI, moving away from being a home inspection association.

With NACHI owned sites like becoming more popular (8 million consumer hits a month) and courses like our becoming more popular, NACHI appears to becoming less of a home inspection trade association and more of just an inspection trade association.

Here is a typical email I regularly receieve:

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From: Jim Kopp
Sent: Thursday, March 01, 2007 3:19 PM
Subject: Membership

*I recently became certified for mold inspections. I am a building contractor (Skylands Construction since 1982) and have no intentions of expanding into the home inspection area. *

Can I still become a member of NACHI?

Thank you
James Kopp
Skylands Construction
42 Main St
Stamford NY 12167

I’m in agreement. It would allow you more leeway in whats advertised,
i.e. “inspections” period.

So will the organization be called NACI? Nassi? Nasty, er, :roll:

Hey Nick, with commercial inspections becoming a big part of the inspection field how can we include that in our name?
How about NACBI, AKA National Association of Building Inspectors.

At InspectorLocator I type St.Louis Mo, Illinois, Godfrey,Il 62035…Alton,Il.62002 I get “Nothing Found” even though I know there are several NACHI members in all of these areas. Under General Home Inspector.

to help in marketing to the comercial side of things I have changed my biz name from…
Bungalows to Mansions Professional Home Inspection, LLC
Bungalows to Mansions Professional Inspection Services, LLC
A much easier change than some will have and I still retain my marketing exposure.

The answer should be sure, if you pass the Home Inspection test that is set up on the site. How many members do we have now who just simply followed the requirements to be a member and are not working as home inspectors? But we should ALWAYS be a HOME INSPECTOR organizations. Gotta stay focused!

Nick, let me know when we can form the National Association of Certified Mold Inspectors. (NACMI) Or even better, American Society of Mold Assessors (ASMA)

Catchy . . .

Would that include writing a SOP and COE for commercial inspections?

Why not establish ANOTHER Association? Seems like membership in more than one association, as with multiple certifications, is a marketing plus for the small business person. My hope is that our leadership will keep focused on the small business and not get so big that focus become size instead of quality.

I like the “inspector association” concept over exclusively “home inspectors” Sounds like a good excuse to remove the membership cap. :smiley:

Maybe you need to change the name to NACI :slight_smile:

Seriously though, I deliberately did not include the work “home” in my company name, specifically so I would easily be able to add different inspection services including , mold, IAQ, IR, maintenace, consulting and commercial inspections all under the one company name.

As my reputatation as a home inspector continues to grow I can build on that reputation to advance the other types of inspections as I add them to my offerings.