Get paid for your inspections while your client pays nothing!

According to their press release, we have “teamed up” wth this outfit. They are a franchise company, which is fine. I hardly call it “teaming up”. Want to buy a franchise??? Nothing wrong with that, of course. It’s just a bit strange that this thing is being promoted for something its not.

BTW… Any of us can offer a 30-day warranty for about $15. You dont need this outfit to do it.

Their press-release is amusing, especially as it leads you to their website. When you click on a sample report, it references the ASHI SOP. In fact, NACHI is nowhere to be found. Some team… We team, they market off the backs of NACHI, and to our inspector base.

They seem a bit snobby to me, actually. They want you to send them information for “consideration”. I think their report is a simple hybrid, with many characteristics of checklist-style reporting, with some photos and a brief narrative summary section.

The way they talk, you’d swear that NACHI went for it all… hook, line, and sinker. Have absolutely no idea why we agreed to promote them over any other inspector or franchise.

Finally… The notion of getting paid while the client gets their inspection for free is hypothetical, of course.

Now, maybe I’m just getting pissy this evening… I don’t know. But, I just viewed this outfit’s video presentation, and they are so bold as to characterize our industry as little more than a cottage industry, made up of individuals who were just looking for a way to make money. (yes, they actually say this in the video). So, what does that say for NACHI and its members? I’m some loser who fell into home inspections, as opposed to working at the carwash? I need this outfit to save me? By the way, they also believe that the industry will turn to consolidation (according to them, it has to)… and of course they are poised to be that super inspection company.

I find their marketing video to be propoganda. They state that they have the best inspection software in the industry. As compared to what? Porter Valley? HomeGauge? 3D? InspectExpress? ReportHost?

These guys also believe that sellers inspections are the answer. MAybe in some markets, but not in most, I suspect. The realtors in their presentation state that all realtors just want full disclosure of all defects and conditions found. Which planet are these realtors from, because in my experience, this is not always the case. Their characterization of the Real Estate transaction may work for their market, but not all markets. It certainly doesnt fit the way things are done in the tri-state area of NY. In their scenario, they portray the inspection report showing up at contract signing, where no one has seen it prior, and all hell breaks loose and the deal falls apart. Never seen it happen that way… EVER. By the way, they actually believe they are turning the real estate industry on its head (listen closely in the video). I love it when a RE broker likes a report because you dont need a degree to understand what it says. What in the HELL does that mean, actually?

When companies make blanket and erroneous statements to this effect, it makes me wonder even more about them.

Personally, we should have looked into this prior to endorsing them so quickly. They claim to be revolutionizing the industry. They claim to be standardizng the way inspectors inspect and the way they report.

Pretty bold, really.

Watch the video.

Nick & NACHI,… now helping to kill the Independent Home Inspector,… WOW,… Nice job Nick!

They are in the job of selling franchises. It’s just marketing. I do think the Lowe’s thingie is a first though.

Every single one of their franchise owners is a NACHI member and their franchisor is a NACHI member and regular unpaid guest speaker at NACHI events.

Not Nick’s fault.

Nick gets a zillion e-mails and sales-pitches per day. This probably sounded pretty good on the surface. Peel that onion skin back and WHAM!

We’re even promoting their “free inspection” seminars, which are probably marketing presentations and promotional events, aimed at getting someone to purchase a franchise.

I suspect the only want to have inspections pay for themselves is to buy something… So, its not a seminar; its a sales meeting.

At least when we sign up for that “free” Williamsburg vacation we KNOW the timeshare pitch is coming. With this outfit, they dont have the courtesy to tell the attendees what its REALLY about, way up front.

I say to call it what it is.

Every one of their franchise owners is a NACHI member.

Which means what, exactly?

If they have 50 franchises, that’s 50 NACHI members. We are an association of nearly 10,000 members, mostly independent. They characterize our industry as a cottage industry. They are clueless.

As to an unpaid speaker at NACHI events, they are trying to SELL something. We are a captive audience. Its free advertising to them.

So, do we promote them over HomeTeam NACHI members? Or Housemaster NACHI members? Or WIN NACHI members? Or independent NACHI members?

Sure, the Lowes relationship is kind of unique. But, so what? Lots of things are unique in our industry.

Check out the video. I’d like to take one of their inspectors on a ride along. I’d like to ask one of my clients which inspection report they preferr to read; mine or theirs.

It’s Nick’s responsibility to find out everything upfront before signing up. Isn’t it?

We havent signed up for anything. I think that Nick probably saw this as an opportunity for some of our inspectors. Another way to market, I suppose.

But, it’s far more than that.

Far more.

Wendy… what were you going to be before becoming a home inspector? I was recycling bottles and cans at the local suermarket and driving a cab just moments before buying a flashlight and probe and calling myself an inspector.

Watch their video. Tell me what you think. I’m not picking on you. Really watch it.

This post was in the form of a Press Release.

NACHI (Staff, Officers, Committee Members) should not be promoting a NACHI Member Business over that of Another NACHI Member Business.

NACHI’s Mission Statement previously was to help Members succeed. It should not be at the expense and/or by promotion of a NACHI Member Business over that of another.

Whats the point in being a member of NACHI now? If NACHI only recommends or endorses **“Advantage Inspection” **inspectors?

Nick, At least you can keep the acronym, NACHI: National Advantage Certified Home Inspectors.

I love the first words at the beginning of the video, “We will wipe out the competition” I guess that us, non Advantage NACHI members.


“We will wipe out the competition”

I think I’ll use that as my signature line.

I encourage all members to do the same.

We will wipe out the competition. Should we be scared?

Please critique the video, and post your comments HERE. Take notes, and have a beer while doing it. Like I said, it redefines pompous.

Let’s have some fun.

Man, I really must be in an ultra-pissy mood tonight…

Ths could very well be NACHIs version of Americal Idol.

- Joe “We’ll wipe out the competition” Farsetta
IHIADPOI (Independent Home Inspector, and damned proud of it…)

“Follow the program and dont deviate from it”

I watched their video. Its just a commercial for buying a franchise.

Pompass, yes.

And I cannot imagine it working. They are expecting to ‘revolutionize’ the industry by pushing prelisting inspections and offering a warranty.

ok. good luck with that.

Besides, the white pants they wear as their uniform would make my as s look big.

No Thanks.

Honest. I was going to go into law. But got interested in this. Not sure why anymore. LOL. :wink:

I have a hard time with video now since I don’t get high speed internet anymore. :frowning: I’ll try though tomorrow k?

Me too hon. Don’t feel bad. :wink:

I’m confused. If they are all members of NACHI, why no mention on their site?

It is apparent from watching the video that they do not have a dental plan.

A good question Peter, another is if the NACHI Membership is capped at 10,000, which we we have supposedly reached, why is Nick still giving out FREE MEMBERSHIPS to all newbies who use NACHI Vendor Services?

Why does signing up for one of these “Services”, Classes, or attending functions such as the ITA Expo in Vegas geve a newbie a free years NACHI Membership, yet provide no incentive or benefit for those who are already members?