NACHI goes global with new international org. : InterNACHI

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Overwhelming international interest in NACHI, especially from Canada and Europe, has resulted in the forming of a new home inspection organization: The International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI).

Although InterNACHI, a division of NACHI, will be under NACHI's control, it will be separately organized and managed.

InterNACHI has two main responsibilities:

- Provide information, assistance, and a local home, for inspectors living and working in other countries including providing country-specific help in the primary languages of those countries.

- Provide information about home inspectors to consumers who's primary language is not English, including homebuyers in other countries, homebuyers moving to the U.S. from other countries, and foreign language speaking homebuyers within the U.S.


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That is Incredible!!

Last Feb. I was #117, look how much we have grown
in less than a year!!
That is due to the sole reason that NACHI is the best!!


Carla ![icon_biggrin.gif](upload://iKNGSw3qcRIEmXySa8gItY6Gczg.gif)