NACHI Inspector Agreement

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Step ONE…
A contract between you and John Inspector has been created online by InterNACHI’s agreement system.
To view and sign it, go to: .

                                        Enter your email address and, after you've read over the agreement, initial each paragraph. 

Step TWO
Then you will receive another email and once you confirm that you’ve signed it, you’re all set.

Hi John. Are you teaching the IR class in Atlanta?

Yes… I teach all the IR classes that are listed at

See in class.!

Hi guys.
The link says it can’t find my email address

Dale -

It doesn’t look like you have any agreements to look up. To create and edit them, go to:

This form will not take my email address, I know it’s correct, but keeps saying not a good email address…

What email address are you using?

Got it Thanks