InterNACHI online agreement glitches

I use the online agreement Nachi provides and sometimes it works fine and other times the clients just doesn’t receive the contract. Even after sending a few times and having them check their spam folder.

Anyone else having issues?

If you have a client with an issue getting your agreement, have the client mark as “not spam” and it will go through to their inbox.

Not the problem… The problem is with the agreement system


Nope. InterNACHI’s agreement system works flawlessly. And even if your clients accidentally blocked your agreement as spam, InterNACHI has provided another way for them to get them:

In the case that the client doesn’t receive the initial email (sometimes this happens with aggressive spam filters on certain servers), you can tell them to go to, then type in their email address.

Hi - Sorry about this issues you’re having. The problem isn’t with our system - we track the emails and all of them go out. It works for the vast majority of members and their clients.

The problem is with the email servers that they’re going to. For various reasons, certain email servers mark our automatic messages as spam, and reject them without even letting them go to your client’s spam box. We continually work on fighting this.

If you’re finding that you’re having trouble, just email your clients from your own email address. All the message says is that they should go to this address:

… And then tell them to enter their email address.

That’s what I do, works every time. It’s a good system, and my clients like it

The problem is in your system. You can hand-wave all you want. The problem still exists.


But even if you think the system isn’t sending your agreement (it is BTW)… InterNACHI has provided your client a Plan B to download his/her agreement. See posts #5, #6 and #7.

This is the complaint. We don’t think it. It’s not sending (it’s REALLY not BTW). Instead of blaming or pushing the blame on us, fix the thing. Or let your IT department help troubleshoot why instead of hand-waving it as either ours or the clients fault.


But again, even if it isn’t sending (it is BTW)… you don’t need it to send anything. You can just do what I explained to do in post #5, what Tim explained to do in post#6 and what Ian explains he does in post #7.

The system is being used upwards of 2,000 times a day. Pretend I’m a client and send me your agreement to sign. You can use my personal email address: I’ll see if I get it.

Some people are harder to reach than others.:roll:

More Hand-waving. Nick, It either works reliably or it doesn’t.

If it doesn’t. Request the Inspector send the link instead of relying on the broken send system. (Which doesn’t reliably work, BTW).

I’ve tried to use it twice. both times failed. Both times it was blamed on me or the client.

I’ve been in the computer field since 1981 til 2013. I’m not a dumb *** and I do know how systems work. I also know when I am being buffaloed by another IT (or NON-IT) person.

Fix it or make it unavailable until it is fixed.


BTW that is a 100% failure rate BTW, by the way, (really,BTW).


I can’t make it unavailable. Upwards of 2,000 members use the system every day without issue.

Besides, you don’t need it to send anything. Our system can’t fail to send your agreement because it actually doesn’t send any agreements. Here’s the secret… It never did.

It just emails your client a link that tells them how to sign their agreement.

If you believe this feature doesn’t send this link to your client, just pretend in your own mind that the feature doesn’t exist and pretend in your own mind that it never did exist. Then you email your own client from your own email with the link to the instructions. Same difference.

In essence, the system sends your client a link (not an agreement). If you think it isn’t sending the link, you send it to your client direct.

Moved on to other ways, was there when I first started and also had problems with inspector pages. Found my new home by using Godaddy for web site, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro for agreements and ISN for the rest. And am happy as can be ! Clients too!!! My reports are Top Secret thou they are the money makers. My wife tells me to quit saying my pretty all the time…:wink:

You could even put the link with the instructions on a page on YOUR inspection website and direct your clients there.

It’s infallible.

I’ve used it a lot and rarely does the client say they never received it.

And if they do, just give them this link:

The system can’t fail to send your agreement to your client because it actually never sends any agreements to anyone and never has. Your agreement doesn’t move. It stays still. You send your client to your agreement with our system, not your agreement to your client.

It’s infallible.