Nachi agreement site defunct

So my wife is nagging me about how lovely the nachi agreement page is. Almost daily she has email addressed kicked back saying that it does not compute, and most do compute. Sometimes we can log out and come back it to get it to go, but overall its a pain IMO.

Whats the deal and can it be resolved? :frowning:

Do you send emails direct? Or do you use the Nachi auto-sender?

I only use the agreement site. If I send another email direct it gos thru. The problem is when you add the email while filling out the info it wont process.

I’ve had that problem too when I use the agreement site, also with going to clients spam.

Quit using it a long time ago and send personal email with link to my site, no problems since.

Can you email us an example of an email address that doesn’t work? I’ll take a look at the algorithm. tim at internachi dot org.

Using ISN has been worth every penny

I’ve updated the email validation on our system. Try it again now and see if you still get the same problems.

If any of you do get the same error, can you send me the email address that is giving you trouble?

It always works fine for me. When customer says they did not get it, they always find it in their spam or they admit they deleted it.

The last one we had problems with went thru. I will keep you informed. Thanks Tim.

Same here

Yes, its called ISN.

We use discoverhorizon. All integrated. Scheduling, agreements, reports. A bit pricey but saves time.

Tim Here is one that wont work. One of mine.

Its nowhere to be found. I have checked the spam and verified my email.


Try adding "" to your list of approved email addresses. This is the address that the agreement emails use.

To do this in hotmail:

Log in. Click the “Options” link, then “More Options”.

Go to “Preventing junk email” and then click “Safe and Blocked Senders”.

Add "" to the Safe Senders list.

Let me know if that works for you!

Tim Eaton