NACHI Launches Wiki

We’d like to announce the launch of a new section of a Wiki devoted to home inspection topics.

You’ve probably used or heard of Wikipedia - the free online encyclopedia. The concept is simple: all information on the site is added by you, the community of readers. It’s a collaborative project. Anyone can edit any page and correct or add data, and we encourage you to contribute in your areas of expertise.

We’ve started to fill the Wiki with information and now it’s open to you: start by adding on to entries that we already have, or create your own topics to fill in the gaps.

It’s easy - just click the “edit” button on the top of any page in the Wiki and add your content. Remember that once you’ve contributed, anyone can add to or edit your words.

Check out the Wiki today:

And for a quick tutorial on editing/adding pages:

The NACHI IT Staff

It looks like there are a few little bugs still with MSIE7 and MSN Explorer. We’re working them out right now.


Those bugs are now fixed. If anyone notices any other problems, report them here. Enjoy!

Thanks. Wow just a couple of posts and you have 2 green boxes.