Preferred Vendor Network

Nachi management has partnered with Inspection Depot to offer training, software, quality assurance, and marketing opportunities for Internachi Florida Inspectors.


Great news Dennis B. - And congratulations!


No disrespect intended, but, Inspec. Dep. gets a cut, Nachi mangmt gets a cut, does the actual guy doing the work get any money? And if yes, will it cover gas?

Whoo Hoo. One of the main reasons I re upped my membership. To be involved with that program.

Good point. NACHI Management was conceived to be an alternative to…not a partner with…the Rowan operation, by my understanding.

it will cover ishloads of gas. Diesel in my case. Steve, I know you are anti, but we are gonna get HomeInspectors in the game period. We are gonna get to have our own wce period. We are gonna get Nachi members to $ they deserve, period.

I understand and appreciate what you are trying to do. But, the fact is, NACHI members can already get in the game. They can go become an indentured servant to I.D. now without NACHI management. I would “prefer” to have all of us band together and fight against the preferred vendor program with the goal of killing it. Again, if we are all licensed and qualified to do an inspection, why must we be forced to bow down to a select few “preferred provider administrators” and give them a significant % of the fees? I have raised the racketeering concept before as well as potential violations of the unfair trade practices act. I will continue to work in that direction- win or lose.

Is it going to pay better than JVI?

Not true. Nachi Management will provide 1000’s of inspections for our members.

What does JVI Pay?

What is not true?

your above post seems misinformed

Ok, please clarify.

were gonna set up a sweet deal for nachi members. Tons of work. Good pay. No hassle of reinspections

It is simple;

Do them on your own and get re-inspected. This will cause clients and agents to be upset. You will lose clients to those that are “in the system”


Learn how to do them by an accepted trainer, meet the requirements including insurances. have the quality controls in place, avoid re-inspections and make money doing inspections.

Partnering, will allow inspectors to do re/inspections for the most companies and have a support system.

We are only trying to get Nachi inspectors the best all around deal, nothing more, nothing less. We did not create the system, just trying to work within it.


Had a meeting this afternoon with an insurance brokerage (12 agents firm).
They want only 1 inspection company to do all wind mits, roof certs and 4 points.
I am charging $125 for wind mits, $75 for roof certs, and $125 for 4 points.
They have me on 3 moth probation and can provide me with 200 plus inspections per year. I like that!

Contests aubrey. They got the right man for the job!