Nachi management

Florida Internachi members now have they’re own Inspection Management Company. NACHI Management is for Nachi members who wish to perform Citizens re-inspections and/or join a “Preferred Vendor” network of pre-approved insurance inspectors. Our main goal, is to ensure only the best for fellow members. Recruitment, orientation, and training will begin in the next coming weeks. This will be an excellent opportunity to get ahead in the Insurance Inspection Industry. Inspection and auditing positions will be available. Members will get better deals than non-members. John and Michelle Shishilla are part of the management team. More will be discussed at the meeting this weekend. Nick Gromicko made this all possible, he’s on our side.

Thank you Nachi!

Good going John - Is this available to HI or contractors only for the reinspections?

Dennis Bonner gets the credit for getting this done!

For now, contractors only for re inspections.

I hope everyone sees the importance of getting Licensed HIs on the list of approved and the meeting on Saturday.

John, i would like to know more about the “Auditing Position”.

Details are to come as we move forward. Dennis will share more as we get closer.

Great job to all who played a role in this.

Thanks :smiley:

Way to go Dennis B., The Shishilla’s and NACHI ---- Figured this was in the works - The timing of your announcement was beatifully choriagraphed. You must be learning from Nick.

For now…is they key, but not for long if we can help it

Its crazy that a Home Inspector can perform a new wind mit legally - but is not allowed to do the reinspects. Personally I have always believed that after the law went into effect that they would be changing their qualifications. I’m sure it is in the works, just takes time to move the bureaucratic red tape. The reinspections were orchestrated before the Home inspector license was law, so it is, as expected.


Well Dennis, I was hoping that Nick and Hensel would entertain us again tonight, but its not to be. I look forward to meeting you and the others on Friday.

I am not sure why only contractors are able to do re-inspections but would be interested in doing insurance work.

when Citizens outlined their qualifications for who would be considered elgible to perform reinspections, they used the same criteria as was currently being used for the form 1802. This did not include HI because HI did not exist at that time through the eyes of the State. Now that HI’s do exist, all of the preceeding paper work, rules and regulations for the reinspections will have to be revised. For lack of better words.

Might be time to contact your House & Senate Representatives in Tallahassee. :wink:

When did this start!? And why didn’t Hensel have any in put!? Maybe that will get him going D.Q.

What is the cost for this service? Please be careful when using the NACHI logo, as NACHI is a not-for-profit.

Must one join, or is one’s name automatically entered on a list of names. How is the work divied out? Who controls which inspectors get the work?

This is an approved project.The logo was made by Nachi.

Do it!

Do what?