NACHI membership in Canada topped 550 today.


I can see it growing to 1000 members one [1] year from today!!!The word is getting out there.


Mario where is Onatario?

Alberta membership is 23 down from 28.
The market is too hot and inspections are not being done. The sellers have 5 to 10 offers and take the offer with no conditions.
To get work in this market we have to reach the buyers with the importance of haveing an inspection before purchase.
I’ve asked for some help from NACHI but have not had any responce.
I asked for help to design and distribute a flyer that promotes NACHI’s high standards of qualifications. I hoped to have all the NACHI certified inspectors in Edmonton on the flyer and to deliver it to all the realtors. There over 3000 realtors in this area.

1,000 sounds good but I also think it is high .

I do expect that when we have our conference next May and many Home inspectors see how happy NACHI is and how good the education is .

How reasonable the cost is and how much NACHI does for all members that this will help.

It looks to me like CAHPI-Ontario. must be nervous when they have not told there members about out conference and that they are able to take the courses at the same price as the NACHI members are .

As it gets closer to the Date I will send a letter to Bill Mullen asking him to put the Conference dates and cost and how we want the CAHPI members to know they will get the same treatment and cost as all NACHI members get .

Knowing Bill I expect he will do this for us .

Roy Cooke … RHI … CHI… CMI…CAHPI-ON…

I don’t know the exact number I was just going by the National figure 550
I will find out and post here.I did not know that you have such a low membership in Alberta!!

Keep after Nick for help, I know he has lots on the go right now.


I wonder could this be confidential information that might not be for publication .
You have to go into a secured site to get it .
Just wondering .

State/province breakdown: (members-only).

Roy Cooke

Maybe someone in the know can answer this question?

Doesn’t NACHI have a generic flyer template that could be used or altered to suit your local needs in distribution to the realtors?

I though so but can not find it and was hoping that someone could provide directions to it’s location.

PS I hate reinventing the wheel it’s such a waste of time.

British Columbia cannot seem to keep its NACHI members. There are a few of us die-hards, but our chapter meetings have declined to the point of near extinction. Why is Ontario such a hot spot? I thought maybe it was me so I passed the presidency onto James Koong in hopes that he might be able to ressurect the dead! So far nothing more than a bunch of Ghosts. But I keep on plugging away just the same promoting NACHI in hopes that some day B.C. will overtake Ontario. Yeah right!

Brett, it is the same in the states (except for California which is not part of the U.S. and is a separate country all together).

As you move from East to West, people end up with more independence-minded material in their DNA. Back east there is an Italian Club or Elks Club on every corner. Here in Colorado people are more aloof. The same genetic material that made a man leave the cities of the North East and head out to the undeveloped West is still present out here in not only his offspring but mindset. It infects others around him too.