NACHI membership in Canada topped 600 today!

That is interesting news .

NACHI Now has 600 Certified Home Inspectors in Canada.

CAHPI has about 400 +or- Registered Home Inspectors in Canada.

Not hard to tell who is the largest NACHI BY FAR

This obviously shows how great NACHI is and how much it helps all.

Thanks to all NACHI members who show how good they are in sharing help and information to every one .

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

Sorry, Roy, but you are hardly comparing apples to apples. CAHPI has about 1500 dues paying, practicing members in Canada. About 600 of those are RHI members but the rest are Associates and Candidates. All of these practicing members have completed several home inspection courses with proctored exams.

I commend NACHI for growing their numbers, but let’s face it, if 200 burger flippers at McDonalds took the online course today they could be ‘Certified’ NACHI members before tomorrow. Then you’d have 800 !!! That type of ‘certification’ lacks any rigor or credibility.

Bill Mullen


Just to keep the facts straight, there are more Students in OAHI than RHI. Have you wondered why OAHI is inflating revenues by recording revenues prematurely from membership dues? This is like showing all the revenue from a 3 year magazine subscription in the current year, yet you have not produced the magazine or incurred any costs associated with providing it.

Or why OAHI will not produce audited statements for the last two years, or quarterly reports as to be provided to the membership as per the by-laws?

Also what do you think of this?


Students were not included in my figures.

As you are aware, I have some thoughts about CAHPI-Ontario and their policies, but I won’t discuss them on a NACHI forum. Suffice it to say I do not disagree with everything you say.

Bill Mullen


I can’t figure out why OAHI has two sets of membership numbers.

I would discuss my concerns on the CAFE but I know where that would lead. It would lead to me being suspended because some Nazi’s on the BOE and the PR committee are acting outside the confines of the by-law.

Members of OAHI should be sure to look at the financial info which is being witheld and the differences in the numbers. The Treasurer will not release info that the members are entitled to! Shameful, and shameful on the members who let it happen.

BTW I wouldn’t put up with the attitude shown to you on the CAFE because I feel you are right fwiw.

Hey Bill did you see the bill for the OAHI lawyer to change the by-laws? $10K! Wow and a few in OAHI are concerned with me sending letters to the lawyer about mismanagement and abuse of the by-laws. I think OAHI needs to find another lawyer, one who doesn’t over charge for the simple task of cleaning up the by-laws.

Sorry Bill you are comparing Apples to Oranges CAHPI has listed on the various sites across Canada ( by my count at 8;45 am ) today listed 581 RHIs home Inspectors so NACHI is still bigger .
Those Burger flippers as you call them in CAHPI we both know the majority will never become RHIs even when the rules are bended from 2 years to 8 most never make it.
This is pr-oven with OAHI who have over the years stayed just over the 200 mark… 230 today.
Bill Can you tell us when the list of National Certified Home Inspectors will be published .
I understand it was to be posted last November.
So by my figures NACHI is Bigger and we all know gives more information for the Home Inspection Industry in Canada.

Thanks Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

I think if you count the number of aliases pretending to be NACHI members, our Canadian membership is around 732,000. In fact, there are enough Ray Wands and Gilbert Strachans, alone, to populate President Bush’s desired troop surge into Iraq.:wink:

To all who read these posts. I have been a memeber since Nov last year, and joined NACHI for a number of reasons. The first an for most was so I was not starting with one hand tied behind my by being called a student or god forbid a candiate. I would spend most of my time trying to explain what it means and why instead of doing inspections.

For myself I am am happy with Nicks notice of 600 in Canada. It is a positive but for some reason there is more time spent here haggling over who is better. NACHI, CAHPI, OAHI. NAHI, Etc. I habour no ill will to the rest of the associations here or in the US but it is obvious that some do and use this forum to vent there issues continually. If you read the post from 3 memebers its a continual bashing and regurgitating of the same old dissagreements that I have been reading for almost 4 months.

Lets agree to disagree and get on with making NACHI as good as possible. We all need to work together to help Nick and the rest of Nachi to do this.

I don’t care if you belong to 2,3,4 organizations just check your crap at the door and work with others to keep the movement positive. I was out on feild training with inspectors that are all OAHI. No one asked if I had joined, no one cared if I was with NACHI or OAHI. Thats the way it
should be.

Please shake and makeup or at least be civil and stop the bashing. I will give everyone a piece of history from my past…

The company I worked for was one of 6 Business partener all selling the same stuff. We had to compete against each other to get the client. Prices were fixed so each sold for the same. We constantly battled each other and drove potential customer away and into the hand of the real competition.

If we do this here it will also happen. Mark my words.


"I commend NACHI for growing their numbers, but let’s face it, if 200 burger flippers at McDonalds took the online course today they could be ‘Certified’ NACHI members before tomorrow. Then you’d have 800 !!! That type of ‘certification’ lacks any rigor or credibility."

**So much for Bill’s new found spirit of cooperation. I thought that he had given up bashing NACHI for Lent.

"I don’t care if you belong to 2,3,4 organizations just check your crap at the door and work with others to keep the movement positive."

This is the kind of member we need in NACHI. I wish there were more of them in “CAHPI” 12,377 members.:mrgreen:


Thanks for your thoughts you obviously read a lot before you joined NACHI.
Unfortunately if all did as you say then many would not know the truth about the Other Canadian associations . Many of us have and do belong to more then one Canadian association. This BB is the only one people like you can see to help them get the information needed to make an informed decision .
Just think many that do not read this BB join the others and then they find out about this BB and can see where they have made an error and lots then do like you did and join NACHI.
Free speak has made NACHI the Number one association in both the USA and Canada. .
So I am sorry having been on both side of the fence I like the open tell all Forum
Tried the other for many years and do not like the lack of truth given to the membership.
So until they run the Canadian Associations properly and truthfully I will try and give out the full story.
The NATIONAL CERTIFICATION is a prime example very little info was given out and still much is hidden.
I am sure you see Bill Mullen posts as an example there is no place else he can say the things he does here.

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI Member

I am still looking for the 5000 inspectors in Canada. :mrgreen:

I’m still looking for the 5,000 inspectors in Canada! :slight_smile:

Stephen I appreciate your concerns and they are warranted. However I would like to point out that if a Organizations is advertising/promoting itself as a regulating body, or self regulating body then it must ensure what it advertises is delivered, unquestionably as per its charter and by-law. If this is not the case then those inspectors who are members are selling their certifications and their memberships to the public short. You can’t have members in the field fullfilling thier tasks and requirements if the overseeing body is going to be ineffectual in its governance to ensure competence of its members and fiscal management of the members fees. No outside accountability results in the mess you see expressed in these many posts by both Americans and Canadians.

If you don’t think other associations have plans for your livelihood I have news for you, thats exactly what they have planned.

Thanx, Roy. I have and will again be a member of the Kinsmen association in Canada, I served and both a member and on the executive and was exective of the year for my contibutions to the club in Ajax. We also had “Rivals” but it was nothing like this all I can say is “Feud” between Nachi and OAHI. Our goals were to help out the community and make it a better place and give back to the community. The goals should be similar for Nachi, we have to give back to the community and better the inspection experience for our clients and not be fighting with other organizations over whos better or worse this just takes up time and valuable resources that could be doing other things.


I can tell you why there are some members joining! Same reason I just joined. I have been a member of OAHI for over a year. During this time I have watched and read both the OAHI board as well as the NACHI board and what is online. The rules and regulations and all that is associated with both associations.

I have been inspecting part time for 5 years and decided to go full time a couple of years ago. I worked in the construction industry for 25 years as well as been a contractor for most of those years. I have built new houses as well as renovated 100 year old houses. I had several certifications from these areas. I had some Home Inspection courses under my belt along with the training my company puts us through ( I am a franchise) When I applied to join OAHI with my certifications, I was put in as an Applicant member.
Until get the remainder (later this year) of the courses OAHI wants I cannot upgrade my status. NO BIG DEAL! BUT! …and to me this is a big deal, according to OAHI . I AM NOT EVEN ALLOWED TO STATE TO OTHERS I AM A MEMBER OF OAHI!
I wrote a couple of letters to OAHI and got my butt kicked for addressing this. I told them this was a load of crap and as a member of any Professional organization, they may restrict some areas, but as a paying member I will continue to advise people that I am. I got my butt kicked some more!
Near me are a couple of “Inspectors” that took all the required OAHI courses and are Associate members. They have both retired from non related jobs and now are trying to make a living as Inspectors.
In my very humble opinion (oops a little sarcasm slipped out by mistake) they do not know their head from a hole in the ground! One told a client a mouse died in the furnace… “YOU HAVE TO REPLACE THE FURNACE!” Can you say …QUALITY !
Recently we were at a trade show and they went in together on a boot right across from the OAHI booth. They told people all day I was not a member! When people asked me if I was a member, I advised I was and it could be proven by them asking the two guys manning the OAHI booth as they know me! The two nameless people in the OAHI booth refused to acknowledge my membership!
Two of my head office people asked why this was allowed and they were told it was not their business.
The only way to prove it was to show my membership card!
Basically my overall picture, OAHI DOES NOT SUPPORT ITS MEMBERS. They do seem to want the money though!
I have seen several members not renew in the last year, simply because they do not see any support or benefit to being part of OAHI.
Now to NACHI.
NACHI has education requirements for its inspectors.
NACHI has online education for its members
You have to keep the requirements up to be a member!
So what is the difference? NACHI supports its members. NACHI brags about it’s members.
AS I said before… IF you are a member of a professional organization, you should be able to state it! No matter what your level is!
And now that I have most of the education requirements, I can finish the rest quite easy in NACHI. The inspections have long been done.


Did you notice the revision of the by-laws? Did you notice how they deleted many sections dealing with Retired RHI? Why do you suppose that occurred? I think I know.

Unfortunately Oahi is run by certain individuals who are unelected. Things have occurred, all well documented that indicate issues that need addressing are repeatedly covered up or no replies forth coming.

I sincerely hope people take a closer look at how their association is managed and fiduciary duties of a self regulating non profit corporation.

If you are a member of OAHI you have no rights.

Thanks Steven I do appreciate all those who are a member of a service club .
They all do a fantastic job and are a big help to the comunity and man kind .
Thanks for being there .
I was a member of PACHI and then a member of OAHI with the amalgamation .
No comparison between the two .
I served on various Committees with both and do have some knowledge of the operations.
I was not happy with the way OAHI treats those who wish to become Home Inspectors .
The old Boys club do not want the RHI membership to increase and do much to hold it back.
This is why the RHI membership has stayed at just over 200 RHI for many many years .
I joined NACHI in 2003 and saw how they treat every one with help information and education that is perfect.
I did not renew my membership with OAHI.
We In NACHI have continually offered our hand to OAHI/CAHPI and they continue to ignore us Example a free both for both in the NACHI conference .
I personally phone the Pres of CAHPI and sent him a confirming email and they never even had the courtesy to answer me or NACHI .
We also offered for all CAHPI members to attend our Conference next may at NACHI members rates again this has not been passed to the CAHPI membership that I know of.
Regarding the NATIONAL certification there have been may untruths said and much information not given out to all.
Glad to have you and others as members .
If any one has questions Please do not hesitate to call or email me . 613-475-1144

OAHI ---- RIGHTS. Raymond, you just might have created an oxymoron here.