Total number of InterNACHI members in Canada topped 600 today!


Great to See!!! and it only shall get better

That is great to hear!

"Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile"

I’m really excited about this! CanNachi will be starting off as a major contributor to the Canadian inspection industry. Once the word is out; I think inspectors will be joining from every other association in Canada; not to mention all the inspectors who don’t do the association thing. I never felt I had a need for association membership, until I first heard about Nachi. I was so amazed at all Nachi had to offer their membership, that I couldn’t dream of not becoming a member. I believe it will be the same for the launch of CanNachi, in the new year…Someone get me a podium.
I’m starting to preach the benefits of CanNachi membership!

HAROLD! We hear you ‘Father’ ! :mrgreen:

Dont worry harold before long everyone will no about us ,CANNACHI. We will talk about this very soon.

No sweat Tony! I just want to drop the blade, and start bulldozing. The sooner the foundation is laid; the quicker we can start building !

Let’s keep CanNACHI positive in tempo. If on the other hand, there is smash mouth work to have done, send me in… I’m built for it.


Of the 600 members, could you break it down for us:

  1. of actual practicing full time inspectors

  2. of actual practicing part-time inspectors

  3. of vendors

  4. of registered members who have asked to be removed but are still listed.

  5. of members who do no inspections but like to be members because it was free.

  6. of members whom you would hire to inspect your son’s house.

  7. Other

I’m not trying to be confrontational, but these are valid questions. If you can’t answer them, CanNACHI hasn’t got a hope in Hell of success.

None of my business, but how did you miss the chance to call it NACHI Canada or shortened to NACHI Can for a really positive message? Are you starting to slip a little, Nick?

Bill Mullen

With all due respect, I fail to see the relevence of the questions asked. Do you ask the same questions of other associations or is InterNachi just being singled out because it is growing and growing stronger in Canada?
The Thread starts out as “total number of InterNachi Members” not CanNachi members.
As to CanNachi, Nick I think is working his game plan just right and will be placing Canadian NACHI members in a more competative frame if they so choose to belong.
I not only believe that CanNachi will be successful but, will be the force to be reckoned with in the future for the Canadian Inspection industry. Not only that, but also believe CanNachi will have respected well educated inspectors in all areas of Canada.
Just my 2 cents and a proud defender of CanNachi.



Indeed we do ask those questions of other organizations. For instance, in Ontario, OAHI lists about 800 ‘members’ but half are students who do not do inspections, so a break-down is important to put things in perspective. The real, true number of OAHI practicing inspectors is about 400.

Nick himself has stated that half of the NACHI membership do not do inspections, so I think my questions are relevant. 600 is a very different number than 300, the same as 800 and 400 are very different numbers with OAHI.

iNACHI already has several well educated, well respected inspectors in Canada. I have never disputed that fact. However, like most other associations, iNACHI also has a few ‘pretenders’.

Bill Mullen


I’ll answer them in the order you asked:

  1. We don’t collect or keep that data. Who is to say what “full-time” means anyway? I consider someone who works 40 hours a week in any career to be “part-time.” I have 40 hours in by Wednesday of each week. Is a full time inspector who’s business is slow considered part-time? I can’t answer the question.

  2. See answer to #1.

  3. I don’t think we have many Canadian members who are vendors. Maybe 3. But I view inspection industry vendors as an important part of our profession and our association. As members, they contribute much to us all.

  4. None. And our Deadwood project, which is fully automated has been in full force for almost 3 years, wouldn’t let even permit a member who died (and didn’t tell us) stay on very long.

  5. Money aside, I can’t imagine a scenario where someone who isn’t involved in the inspection business, would go through all the effort of being and staying on as a member, simply because they like us. Most likely the member has some strong connection to the inspection industry. I would never say that “half of our membership doesn’t do inspections,” but some don’t. Many of the multi-inspection firm owners don’t inspect.

  6. I’d hire members who took the initiative to go ahead of our required pace, and fullfilled most of InterNACHI’s courses One of the reasons InterNACHI members are so much better (technically) than non-members is because our education is convenient and free. We don’t financially dis-incentivize our members from becoming great.

I’d never ever hire a non-member as they have no access to InterNACHI’s free training. Non-members have no business running around out there in our markets with their $3 flashlights, pretending to be fully educated inspectors.

Thanks Nick for the support for Canada.

Don McPherson

Hey Don!

**As far as I understand; Nick Gromicko and Allen Cavdek are **

co-founders of CanNachi. Allen runs Inspect4U, in Alliston, Ont.

**They are both putting a lot of man hours and moolah into this **

venture. Nick, Allen and the CanNachi boys are ready and raring

**to go , as soon as everything is brought into allignment , and **

countdown to launch commences, early in the new year.

…just in case you didn’t know. :D:D:D:D:D

I don’t deserve the credit. Allen did all the work. He asked me to be a board member and I accepted.

Thanks Nick!..I know Allen is really breaking his butt to establish CanNachi, and we are also working hard to do our parts, as well.

Nick and the team,

Thank you for all you invest in your Canadian family of inspectors!

Here in Brossard, Quebec, Canada, I say Long Live InterNACHI.


Marc-Andre Beauchemin

Now all we have to do is get those 600 into the National Certification program and then there will be more INACHI members capable of provincial licensing than any other organization.