99 membership slots in NACHI left. Like raw land, their not makin' anymore.


Is there something planned for the last man in ?

That would be nice.


I guess we all better start submitting lists of members who do not give NACHI equal prominence to other organizations on their web sites to free up some slots.

Project deadwood deleted 20 members so there are a few more spots.

We need more people to help on project dead wood…

How about just elimating all members who aren’t current with their dues?

All of the above being done every day.

They are working hard but it does take time. There were 87 names in Washington sent in. Out of those, 6 have renewed, 66 were deleted and 15 are still in the works. Nice job Lisa.

Thanks Stephen!

Your post is an example of what we go through. And every month another 800 members come up for renewal of which about 1/2 have changed their contact information without letting us know.

Poor Lisa.

Lisa shouldn’t have to track those members down, if they havent updated their contact information and they haven’t paid their dues, they should be removed, its the member’s responsibility to keep their dues current

It seems by looking at some members history, there is a 30 day grace period, Chris should be able to write a program that deletes members on the 31st day if their membership has not been updated, if they decide to pay their dues after being deleted, they should have to pay a penalty based on the number of days that their membership has been expired, counting the grace period.

An upgrade in software would save Lisa a lot of work.

Could I buy those 99 slots and auction them off on ebay for a profit?

Oh wait, this is NACHI and not NAHI!

Nick, this sig file is over kill here, your praeching to the choir!

You’d be suprised how many of my posts pop up high in the search engines for a home inspector in my area. I got the hint that I should take advantage of the sig when for the second time I performed an inspection for a client who mentioned finding and reading some of my BB posts…

Yes but the name and link is enough.The multi-colored huge text is just a bandwidth hog.

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It is a na add-on to Firfox. Get it at: http://www.smileyxtra.co.uk/