NACHI membership in Ontario topped 400 today!

You haven’t seen anything yet!!!

400 today! [size=4]why ?.[/size]
Because NACHI… ,Answers Questions quickly,helps members and non members, Listens to all,Great economical learning and teaching ,
Fantastic Bulltin Board ,Open to members and non members,
Ask questions to a lawyer, to a scientist, to a master Electrician,
to innumerable professionals and great Home Inspectors.
Some more Benefit’s are ( ) .
NACHI helps all.

Come see why NACHI has passed 400 in less then 3 years.

Be part of the future… Join NACHI and be HAPPY. Roy Cooke sr.

please see Roy’s post above. Nothing mmore to say:mrgreen:

Congrats Canada NACHI Members!

Soon to top 3,500! Now if we could only get those other 1,500 inspectors to join. Yuk, yuk, yuk, wink, wink, so no more, say no more, nudge, nudge, wink, wink. :slight_smile:


Canada Just made 500 today.
WOW!!! NACHI Rocks in under 3 years it has been growing at a steady rate.

Watch the changes coming with INTERNACHI

Look for more growth and see more HAPPY NACHI/INTERNACHI Members.
Come to the Brantford Meeting March 18th for more news.
Roy Cooke . .R.H.I……CAHPI-ONT…

Those comming to the Brantford meeting this Saturday
please bring your cell phone Bill with you.
I expect I will have some information that could save you enough money to pay your
NACHI membership and still leave you with enough money to take mom out for supper.
Sorry I will not be putting this information on the BB at this time but if you send me your
email address I will give you the information after Saturday.
This is just another way that NACHI and its members continue to help one another.

[size=1]Roy Cooke … R.H.I… [/size]Royshomeinspection… CAHPI-ON