NACHI opens up General Inspection Discussion forum to non-members.

At some point we face the fact that this message board has become, like it or not, the inspection industry’s message board.

Therefore today, with the betterment of our profession in mind, we opened up the General Inspection Discussion forum to non-members.

Maybe it is because I am a member, but “General Inspection Discussion” has always been listed under tehe category of “geneal” which says right below it that this category can be viewed by all.

What is the change?

I think the change is that anyone can post/respond to a thread in this forum.

They couldn’t post here before?

I though eveything but the members mostly seection was wide open at all times. Nevermind…not important.

This is a good thing no? Variety is the spice of life yes?

As long as it doesn’t turn into a spam-fest, ad-fest, vendor-fest, or urination contest over whose acronymed organization is superior…then ok by me.

Looks like it will be a full time spam board very soon…