NACHI partners with real estate referral network

Re/Max Alliance agents will now be using and referring OneStopWizard vendors to their homeowner clients. No other program allows you to market directly thru Colorado’s top Realtors® … and enables you to reach hundreds of thousands of homeowners in direct need of your products and services …

Doesn’t this sound like the Concierge Program?

No because unlike Coldwell Banker, RE/MAX isn’t paid for advertising on OneStopWizard.

Privacy Policy

OneStopWizard has partnered with Re/Max Alliance and its website, **]( This Privacy Policy covers policy issues for both OneStopWizard and for Re/Max Alliance. The program will simply be referred to as “OneStopWizard” or "**](" in the following policy.

I’m not trying to be argumentative, but it seems to me that One Stop Wizard and ReMax are one in the same, and both benefit from the advertising dollar. It seems pretty clear to me.

Some Century 21 brokers have a similar program called Connections. What a waist of money that is the Realtors will not use the program (even the broker admitted that he cannot get them to use it.) Stirling Sotheby’s Realty also had a similar program that they scraped for the same reason.