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Hi Nick, Recently I was talking with a guy that has a new marketing product. In discussion I mentioned marketing on your BB as it is a good product for new inspectors with a low monthly fee. In conversation he stated that he looked into doing it with NACHI BUT if he advertised on your BB he was required to pay a per hit fee, and with all new people looking at the NACHI BB that are not ready to start a business he did not feel it was feasible.

His comments took me off guard as I’ve seen your posts many times stating NACHI does not follow this practice. Is this practice used by NACHI??

"bushart and other worshipers", This is not a bash post just asking for clarification. Maybe the guy I spoke to found other BBs and orgs used this as a source of revenue and Just assumed NACHI did the same.
As far as I'm concerned this is a smart business practice to help cover business expenses, it just took me by surprise that this was being done by NACHI after all Nicks posts stating the opposite.
Thank you for your time.
Dan Harris

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either. None of the ads in http://www.nachi.org/iq.htm are paid ads (although I believe Gerry negotiated the full 2-page spread ad as part of the Inspection Depot deal, and I ran a full page ad for the www.nachistore.com because they give their profits to the NACHI Foundation http://www.nachifoundation.org ).

One way we stay "clean" at NACHI and above reproach is to simply refuse to take any advertising money, and we certainly don't accept "corporate $pon$orship$" in return for permitting certain members to bribe REALTORs ![icon_rolleyes.gif](upload://iqxt7ABYC2TEBomNkCmZARIrQr6.gif) .

I do very much thank you for asking "straight up" as opposed to doing what some others do and run to another message board with the rumor.

Thank you again.

Nick Gromicko

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