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I got about 8 emails in the last 2 days, I am already a member! The others were for education, way outside my area… Just wanted to put it on the board in case someone didn’t receive it.

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Inspector Benefits Newsletter
Oct 15, 2006 Issue
Save on Errors & Omissions Insurance!

Here’s a Thousand Bucks.

**That’s what you’ll pocket **in savings, on the average, with this E&O Insurance Program!

I’ve always resented forking over our first dozen inspections a year to some insurance company. On the other hand, the risk is too great, these days, to go without E&O.

This year, it all changed . . .
We lowered our premium from nearly $3500 to barely over $1800 a year. At the same time, we doubled our coverage!

How to pocket your savings . . .
With over 9,200 members and growing, only the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors can broker E&O at such a discounted rate (see: [](javascript:ol(‘’):wink:). Not a member yet? Join NACHI today at the special sign-up link (below) to save $89 – and pocket a grand!

NACHI is the nation’s leader in Inspector education, protection and benefits, and there has never been a better time to join; increased membership means even more bargaining power!

NACHI members inspect 12,000 houses a day.** **Jointhe nation’s largest Home Inspection Association today and put the NACHI Logo on your brochure tomorrow!
See more member benefits at: [](javascript:ol(‘’):wink: and [](javascript:ol(‘’):wink:

Sure, it takes more than just annual dues to join us ([](javascript:ol(‘’):wink:). You have to pass an exam (at no charge to you), but you can do that on-line, from the comfort of your own home. Your exam is graded immediately. You’ll learn your strong and weak areas, and can take the test, free, as often as you wish.
NACHI membership has never been more affordable:
Join today at the reduced rate of only $200!

Complete the membership process, but be sure to use** this SECURE PAYMENT LINK:**
for your New Member Discount rate of only $200!****

Happy Savings!!!****

Jeanne Considine
Office of NACHI Member Benefits
(208) 255-1901

This issue of the Inspector Benefits Newsletter is brought to you by
Russell S. Spriggs, Director of Member Benefits and Chapter Relations of
NACHI, the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors ([](javascript:ol(‘’);)).

NACHI, the world’s largest Home Inspector Association, provides more benefits,
discounts and educational opportunities than any other single source in the industry.
NACHI inspects 12,000 homes a day across the United States!

To Join:

For New Member $200 Discount Rate, Pay through THIS secure link:
**[](javascript:ol(‘’):wink: **

To Contact NACHI:
**[](javascript:ol(‘’):wink: **

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I got an email about an 8 hour Gerry Beaumount NACHI seminar for only $25 (atleast I think that was the rate for NACHI members) on a Saturday. Then I look further… yeah… a fairly LONG drive to say the least. Thanks for getting my hopes up! :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Remember last year when there was mile long thread condemning Jeff Judy announcing the Ohio event??? Now everybody’s doing it…!!

I get these emails about events in places where I didn’t even know there were places. Man, if I went to half those things I’d be in the air more the Nick G. hisownself.

I just received one for an seminar that I attended 2 weeks ago

That was this year. :smiley: It’s just been a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong year! :wink: :smiley:

Ben, it’s amazing how many members are not aware of the E&O savings available through NACHI. Jeanne gets calls and emails every day from members who did not know about it - and many more from non-members who are intrigued by it.

But then, it’s also amazing that so many members don’t even visit Personally, I have my homepage set to be out “What’s New” page.

As NACHI’s (volunteer) Director of Member Benefits and Chapter Relations, I am happy to get the word out of our many “perks” - and put money back into the pockets of our hard-working members!


I appreciate your efforts on behalf of members. Thanks and hats off to you.

Russ, That is why I put it here. Nachi shouldn’t mind having a thread on it, If I don’t mind getting it in my email.

I thought NACHI was now selling coffee Ben by the title of the thread.

John, thanks for the kind words!

Ben, good point. My intent, however, was to get the word out to the 8,500 members that never see this board! And, if anyone does not care to receive the Benefits Newsletter, simply “block” it - I won’t be offended, and you won’t be blocking me (my personal emails) by doing so. They are sent on a different account.

Brian, don’t stop, my friend - you are soo good for my laugh meter!

Couldn’t access link for E&O…anyone else?

Chris, try this:

Joe Ferry (see “Contact Us” page) is the E&O administrator.

Chris, try this:

Joe Ferry (see “Contact Us” page) is the E&O administrator.