NACHI releases new Legal Issues for the Home Inspector Course.

I didn’t know Joe was a realtor. :slight_smile:

Glad to see this on the menu of courses - Come and give it out our way in fishing / skiing season, Joe!

You can get many of this same information in the Defect Recognition CD we offer at

We bundled a module called “Legal Issues facing the Home Inspector” in the CD.

It contains general information, including a section based on an actual interview we conducted near Philly with Joe Ferry earlier this year. He’s awesome. The information contained can be eye opening.

I’m sure Joe’s face-to-face seminar is even better. But, for those who cannot make it, our CD is a close second.

lol…not laughing at your post Joe…don’t be offended…

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Thanks, Joe. This is good news indeed.

Looks like a great program for NACHI Members.

Interesting Info

We interviewed Joe Ferry for well over 2 1/2 hours last year. He is a wealth of knowledge. His insight is keen, and his experience is second to none. The interview covered a host of issues, including what an inspection agreement is, and is not. As I stated, the interview is eye opening, including the part on what happens once a suit is filed.

We tagged this with the remander of the module, which includes business models and legal entities, insurance policy types, etc.

Our course module is good. It is not as comprehensive (I’m sure) with what Joe covers in 4 hours. But, like I said, ours comes as a part of our Defect Recognition CD.

The CD is a 3-parter: Improving the Inspectors Ability to See; Defect Recognition; and Legal Issues Facing the Home Inspector. $65 - Cheap

Watch it as many times as you’d like.