NACHI releases the Manual for a Happy Home. Order now!

I’ve had the personal pleasure of reviewing Dr. Keith Swift’s, “Manual For A Happy Home”, and strongly endorse it for Home Inspectors to use in their marketing arsenal.

Dr. Swift’s writing skills has transformed the mundane and boring subject of home maintenance and care into a well thought out indexed and informative book that any homeowner will treasure for years.

In addition, when reviewing the manual, the reader feels involved and comes out with a sense of understanding, knowledge and recognition of systems and components of their house. All basics needed to make an informed decision on the maintenance and care of their castle. Possibly saving them thousands of dollars.

This is a must have for anyone who desires to educate the public.

See for yourself, order a copy. I have little doubt that you will be ordering more for your clients. You’ll be the envy of your competition.

Thanks John!

Can you punch holes in it so it will go into my inspection binder?

Yes, they will be 3-hole punched