NACHI releases the Manual for a Happy Home. Order now!

Are they 3 hole punched?

I don’t know. Ask Keith.

Hi to all,

For those inspectors who give out homeowner reference materials to clients, Keiths book is the best of its kind, bar none. It is very well written and laid out and has some great clear pictures in it.

Pure quality



I’ve had the personal pleasure of reviewing Dr. Keith Swift’s, “Manual For A Happy Home”, and strongly endorse it for Home Inspectors to use in their marketing arsenal.

Dr. Swift’s writing skills has transformed the mundane and boring subject of home maintenance and care into a well thought out indexed and informative book that any homeowner will treasure for years.

In addition, when reviewing the manual, the reader feels involved and comes out with a sense of understanding, knowledge and recognition of systems and components of their house. All basics needed to make an informed decision on the maintenance and care of their castle. Possibly saving them thousands of dollars.

This is a must have for anyone who desires to educate the public.

See for yourself, order a copy. I have little doubt that you will be ordering more for your clients. You’ll be the envy of your competition.

This manual looks nice, but can anyone tell me if there is a section on boilers and or furnace… most homes in Maine are heated with oil fired hot water baseboard or hot air heat… I do not want to supply them with info that only includes gas heat which apppears in many books.


Yes, they are three-hole punched

Yes, stuff on boilers, hydronics, etc.

Just order a copy, thinking about ordering the case . . . but really want to look, feel, touch . . . let you know soon.

Hey Chris,
We’re getting lots of orders just like yours, I know your going to love it. The response has been fantastic. Everyone who sees it is impressed.

OK…how does this compare or is it a completely different type of book…than the handbook Jay and Nick are pushing in the various threads?


Tony, I haven’t looked at Jay’s book, but he says that it’s a condensed version of a book that has been available for years. I guess what we’re seeing is marketing and the free enterprise system at work, but this manual was commissioned by Nick and is NACHI’s “official” manual. It reflects the experience of twenty-five years in construction, and in excess of ten-thousand inspections, and I hope I know what inspectors need and the consummer deserves.

Tony, it is very different. Keith’s Manual for a Happy Home was created especially for NACHI members, and designed to generate you word-of-mouth referrals when you include it with your inspection report.

Would you not get the same response from the Homeowner’s Handbook??

Keith’s book: Manual for a Happy Home

Certified NACHI Store book: NACHI Homeowner’s Handbook

Just to be clear, it’s not “Keith’s” book. It was commissioned by Nick Gromicko and is “NACHI’s Official” book

I stand corrected.

The book Keith authored.

I’m confused!!!

I placed an order for a book that was to be printed when 10,000 were ordered at three bucks each I ordered 50. Is this the same one Keith?

Doug, It sounds like you placed an order for the book that Jay is selling. It came out first and was selling initially for $3.00 each, but I don’t think it’s available at that price anymore.

Nick just wrote and said he’s already had tons of orders. That is great news because I’m very proud of this manual, and I know you’re going to love it.