Home Maintenance Manual

I am looking to include a Home Maintenance Manual with my report on the inspections I complete. Are there any informative and inexpensive manuals on the market?

Try this.


You can also look here, I include a Sunset book.

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Don’t know if it is still $3 in bulk, but you can’t beat that price for the product…



I don’t think he is still selling the booklet. The only thing on his website is the full manual. I looked into it a few months ago and couldn’t find the booklet anymore.

Try ITA - http://store.homeinspection.com/script/merchant/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=ITA&Product_Code=F490B&Category_Code=MATRIX%2BDELUXE

The Mr fix-it book still avialable at www.pvsoftware.com. The book has been updated color cover and a few more page added. They go for about $4.00 in bulk.

Does anyone know IF any home owner has EVER looked at these books? Why do you give away part of the hard-earned profit?


It’s marketing Rick. I use the Sunset book because it is in color and actually has some useful, basic information that is easy to digest. I get positive feedback from about 70% of my clients on the book.

$3 is not eating away at my profit, in fact it is some of the best money spent…:wink:

I too use the Mr. Fixit books. It is just part of marketing and helping the customer.

Mostly, I think they can help with new homeowners or others who may not be too adept at home maintenance. At least it will give them a starting place should they have problems down the line. Heck when I first got them, I ended up “thumbing through” one for about an hour.

Also I think there are plenty of unscrupulous tradespeople out there who will try and BS their way into a big repair bill. Maybe the book will help someone avoid getting sucked in by one of them.

As far as the cost eating into profits, that shouldn’t really be a factor. Just include the cost of the book as an inspection expense, like toner, paper, binders, CD’s, etc. and set your price accordingly.

We have a fantastic resource that I would like to have you take a look at. It is “The Homeonwer’s Handbook” available from the Certified NACHI Store. The cover price is $25.95, available on Amazon.com. We sell these to home inspectors for 75% off the cover price, only $6.45 per book, 22 per case. I can send one to you at no charge so you can see it first hand. Please let me know where you would like it sent to.


$4 each for a case of 25
case of 50 @ $3.75
and as low as $3.50 for a set of 100

And others have posted some other good ones for $4 and as low as $3. Can’t beat that with a stick and it does help with the referrals:D

The idea behind the books are to advise home owners that homes need
to be maintained, things break or need adjustment. This is their responsibility
not the home inspector, call it insurance or lawsuit protection. Use it as a marketing tool. Homexam makes a nice one at a good price.

What Phil said.:slight_smile:

Sunset Book

I was told by a local inspector that his company (Pillar to Post franchise) has a software package that will allow the inspector to customize a maintenance guide based on the systems present in the home. Then they print it out as a section of the report binder. Does anyone know what is is all about? Is there a such thing on the open market?

I’m wondering if I should buy something based on this type of advertising:


I believe many of the software programs have that as an option, I know the PV software does. Of course you have to develop your own drawings or purchase them.

As for the Tom Feiza book RR, I do not use it because it is not nice to look at. Marketing stuff should look attractive, that is why I include the Sunset book. The women folk seem to like it.:slight_smile:

Guerrillas should pay attention to that thinking.