NACHI Toronto Convention Due to Flop

You losers are going to FLIP when you see what happens! TOO FUNNY! “Ha ha ha ha!!!” laughs Nick all the way to the bank.

What that Bill will back out at the last minute? Okay Dave you loser, can’t even manage to keep a business going. Everything you touch you screw up!

Ooooo…! A typically feeble attempt at an intelligent response, from the wandering poster. What’s your score now? 10,000 useless posts at 5 MBs, and ousted from how many orgs… ? You better hope Gromicko doesn’t get tired of you, or you’ll really have nowhere to go.

Gotch’yer tickets for the big event? All ready to do battle with Bill? Gonna be the big question-leader in the peanut gallery, eh? Big guy? Hmmm?!

What a rube, you are. Kook, Wanker and NACHI. A match made in heaven. You all deserve each other. LOL!

Thanks Dave,

What are you screwing up today or screwing today?


Ray, Gill, I think we should just put you two in a ring and settle it like

men. Hey how about at the convention! Wouldn’t that be cool then we get

meet the people who hide behind these names on the forum. And see them

beat the crap outa each other. Let the best man win. or am I giving to

much credit.


Ah yes but Gill is like the ghost in the Night .
No one knows for sure who he is or where he lives .
He is a coward and will not post under his true name.
He has used to many names to count.
Notice the red above his post.
He changes faster then a camelion and is just out to destroy NACHI . Raymond lets all know who he is and how he stands up for NACHI all the way all the time.
We need those who stand up for NACHI.

Roy Cooke

Au contraire, I am not hiding behind a false name, unlike Gill who is Dave Bottoms. Even Gill is smarter than Bottoms!

May I ask why then do we allow such people on this forum or are we upholding fredom of speech to allow this kind of polution to this forum.

I for one and tired of the bitching an complaining between those who are members and those who are or are not depened on what name they use.

If you are a memeber then be one if not, please join and stand up for yourself. I have a much better time in a day care with children at least they
offer new things every day but here it the old stuff over and over again.

I am glad my 289$ is providing me with this oppourtunity.


Steven this is the open to all section of the BB . We do have many non members who do give great help most are not inspectors they just enjoy reading and helping .
If you Look at the electrical section you can see some . Unfortunately we do get those who are to try and destroy NACHI both Americans and Canadians . Most at least do use their own names it is a couple who do not have the courtesy to try and behave them selves .
all the best Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

Oh, Puppet of The Year! Thou speaketh as though thee had some say in these things. LOL! You pretend inspectors are still clinging to the dream huh? NACHI is the sole property of the janitor-founder, and everytime one of you pretenders throws money at NACHI you further stuff the janitor’s mattress. That’s as far as it goes. There ain’t no more… but you’re still on the kool-aid, so you can’t see it. NACHI probably isn’t the worst thing to happen to the HI industry, but it’s a cruel joke for beginners who can’t see through the smoke and mirrors. The funniest thing about you and Wanker is that you still can’t see it after a couple years. Which is also good, because you two goofs do more to damage NACHI’s reputation that any other hundred guys like Stracken.

Here… read the three year-old stuff and see if you can figure it out this time… or get your wife to read it for you, if there’s too many big words.

Seen any good cash registers lately?

The pot calling the kettle black. So you admit you’re not Gil; I didn’t think you were Gil, Dave. Nice try for a loser!

You seem to have an identity issue!

Call me NoNachi and I won’t call you Wanker. Although I do rather trade snubs with you, over the retarded, senile, pretend-electrician.

New licensing requirements - Ontario Electricians

I don’t make deals with Wankers, and pyschopaths. -X

There is more then this example Air conditioner installers and Furnace Installers are appealing and they feel they should be able to carry on doing these insulations.
Master electrical licenses are usually Grandfathered to any Qualified Master Electricians When they go to another area they are accepted

This was info passed on by our last meeting from an inspector for ESA; along with good information from the ESA point of view on aluminum wiring; and knob and tube wiring; and ESA inspections.

This would be so nice if the Associations could pass information out to all Home inspectors .
It would be showing that we all care about each other .

Roy Cooke

Wow gentleman, seems to be some unprofessional banter happening here. Might I cordially suggest that no word be given up to this mystery rogue? It is unfortunate that there are people out there that have little esle to do except rag about non-issues. I, as a non-NACHI member, am attending the upcoming conference in Toronto. I am nearing the final stages of my Carson Dunlop study program and soon to be a member in good standing with NACHI (once I pass their on-line exam) and I am very excited that NACHI is having this conference here in Ontario and looking forward to networking with working professionals. Hope to see you all there.

**Don’t let this Toronto Convention be a Flop, book your Hotel Accommodations Today :stuck_out_tongue: **
Special arrangements have been made with the Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport to offer reduced room rates to exhibitors in the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors Convention. Please make reservations directly with the hotel and be sure to advise them that you are a participant of the NACHI Convention

Reservations Procedure

Individual Reservations - required to be made by April 16th 2007

Individuals will be making their own reservations directly with Holiday Inn Select Toronto Airport’s Central Reservations office by calling Reservations Department at 1-800-524-8436. Please request the NCHI Show rate.

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NACHI’s group code is: CHI

[quote=Margaret Golynski]

**Don’t let this Toronto Convention be a Flop, book your Hotel Accommodations Today :stuck_out_tongue: **
Special arrangements have been made with the Holiday Inn

**to use [

I hope OAHI approves. Who wants to ask? (Tongue in cheek)](“”)