Consumer Product Safety Dept of Health Canada presenting at NACHI Convention.

We are also re-producing DVDs for them which will be available to all attendees at no charge.


I see Bill Mullen is still booked as a keynote speaker. Can you confirm for us whether Uncle Bill is attending, he was quite unequivocal by posting here on this forum that he would not be attending. Given his propensity to throw temper tantrums I think he should state whether he is coming or not.

I see also that there is a ‘Bill Mullen Outstanding Service Award’ which he will be asked to present each year in Ottawa and that he is the first recipeint of his own reward, boy now that is rich!

My friend Bill Mullen is most certainly our Keynote speaker and always has been.

But he said he was withdrawing? Does that mean he is lying or playing games or both? He seems to have problems with making up his mind.

Maybe he is just frustrated. Happens to all of us. I quit NACHI altogether twice this morning. Bad morning.

Uncle Billy sees nothing wrong with his lies, but when others commit a faux pas he is all over them like a rash. He wants everyone else to atone but he himself is a false prophet. :wink:

Hey Nick

Will you be joining some of us at a private pre dinner event to honour Roy Cooke Nachi member of the year? Hope you can.

HECK YES I’ll be there! Is there anything I should bring or do?


Has anyone decided what day that the dinner would be? And where?

Hi Nick

I look forward to your company.


I thought John Bowman had mentioned Friday night. As to restuarant I am not sure I mentioned Zorros but others may have other ideas. I am open to anything as long as the food is good and we can hear one another. I have difficulty hearing people in noisy background situations. Must be a age thingy. :wink:


Does that mean the older you get the louder the back ground gets???:stuck_out_tongue:

No the foreground is in focus and the background is fuzzy or is it the other way around? :mrgreen:

My specilist told me that you will first loose the high frequencey’s, my wife calls it slective hearing;-)


Now I remember [my memory is going with age] John wanted to know if there is a Hooters restaurant near the convention.

I never developed slective hearing as I have never been married. :wink: Is that something that evolves through marriage or is one born with it? :slight_smile:

Not too sure about those reasons, mine I know comes from 32 years in industry, very noisy.:frowning:

YOU QUIT TWICE??? I am way ahead you… I quit three times!
Oh sorry hang on… that was the s*x thing. Never mind!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: