Nachi Tv! Crap

I watched the NACHI TV article about a gutter saver. Hell it looked AWESOME. I tried to contact these guys several times to no avail! Why are we watching and using up space on this website for someone to advertise and then give crap service…I thought NACHI was all about the opposite of that! Please use only credible and professional services and if they suck, delete their stuff. Why are we allowing them to advertise here? Is there a kick back?

IMHO, I just deal with slackers and people who do not provide what they say they are going to provide each and every day. I do not need it here. Believe it or not, watching that video took time, effort and me trying to get ahold of them also took time and effort. Hell they are advertising to 9,000+ for free, at least provide service!


Contact page

Been there done that


It should be available and Ace Hardware too. hth

Not here in SW FLorida…Looked at ACE, Lowes, HD, DIY and no luck…hence the frustration

Russel, I am considering this product also.

Let us know if you find anything out.

My Dad saw the show, ordered boxes that were shipped to his town house, did his town house, loves the stuff.

Nick - I maybe just out on a limb here, but I think things on NACHI maybe a bit easier for you than us common folk. If he ordered it from the company…well then their website is lying, because it states they do not sell to the public only to their distibuters…hence the frustration.

Hell, I even tried to be a distributor here and they did not respond.

As a NACHI vendor I can tell you there is no kick back to be on NACHI.TV (see my 4 episodes). InterNACHI gives us, the vendor an opportunity to advertise to it’s members. It’s unfortunate if a vendor doesn’t respond to requests but Nick has no way to know that in advance. Definitely let him know of the situation but it’s not right to get upset at him!

Not upset at Nick at all. Why doesn’t NACHI get a kick back? Just think that if we give them the forum to sell their merchandise we should at the very least get great service.

Here is an example…You have a house with a bunch of electrical problems. You have an electrician that you know and you think he will do a good job. People BEG for a referral. You give him the electricians name. The electrician never returns the call, email, nothing. Would you refer that guy again?

Now lets just say (not that you would) but say you put their name on a your website. Would you not expect them to get good service from that vendor?

I am in no way mad at Nick, hell he came up and implamented this organization. My hats off to him. But if he gives the means to advertise to 9000 people who them can advertise to each and every homeowner they come into contact with…the numbers are staggering. I think we should at the very least get awesome service.

Ted McNamara from GutterStuff just called me and said he’s got the landing page up with the coupon code for InterNACHI members. I’ll post the details here when I get them today.

Because Nick asks for Discounts for his members instead.

Russell- I gave Ted your email and told him to get in touch with you…


GutterStuff Inc. does have a staff member answering the emails and phone calls that are generated from the website. Please call me at 866-766-3442 or my cell phone at 414-349-9910 and I will make sure you get the attention you need and the service you expect as an Internachi member who is interested in our products.

My email address is

Please be aware that you may buy GutterStuff at the following retail hardware stores:

Ace Hardware, SKU #5406087
True Value Hardware Stores SKU # 791374
Do it Best Hardware Stores SKU # 102597
Handy Hardware, SKU #100079
Monroe Hardware, SKU # 16890
Orgill, Inc., SKU # 2190478
Sutherlands Product No. 7982853
ABC Supply Co., Inc. Go to Specialty Materials>Gutter Protection Product Number V98417-00101

These retail outlets may or may not have the product in stock so you will have to let them know that the product is available to them out of their warehouse and they can locate it using the SKU #'s I have provided you here.

Ted McNamara, President, Builders Roofing and Supply, LLC, GutterStuff distributor.

Thanks for the reply and the phone numbers. I shall give you a call Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend. Just seems like a great product and want to look at it and try it out. Once again…thanks


Thanks for your reply and your kind words. Have a great weekend too and I’ll talk to you on Tuesday.


All I can say is BUYERS BEWARE : there are all kinds of these products that claim to keep your gutters clean. I have yet to see one that works 100%



You’re absolutely right on. As the distributor for GutterStuff, I really try not to oversell our product. It is important the the homeowner realizes their responsibility for maintaining the product.

Maintenance will be necessary when the debris is sitting on top of the GutterStuff and is not blowing off with the wind. Ussually this happens in a protected area of the gutter and no sun or wind is able to get at that area.

In this case, the manufacturer requires that the gutter is cleaned off from time to time. Using a water hose or a leaf blower works really well for this. It’s relatively easy to do and certainly is a lot easier than digging the muck and leaves out of the inside of the gutter a couple of times a year.

In most cases, the GutterStuff product will not require much maintenance and you will be free of any gutter maintenance at all.

The cost savings of the GutterStuff and the fact that you can do-it-yourself is a great trade off for the little bit of maintenance that may be necessary.