NACHI.TV just did a show filming Warren Buffett's home.

Episode coming soon!

Warren Buffet will be touring and commenting on the ihouse this week, a new green modular home design by Clayton homes.

NACHI.TV was down in Knoxville TN with Rob Johnson, the chapter president, and Patrick Cloninger a few days ago filming the home and taking a tour of the plant where the manufactured and modular homes are built. It was very interesting to see the process and we learned a lot about what inspectors should look for on these types of homes. Look for the show coming soon on NACHI.TV!

:|.)Who is Warren Buffet?:|.)

Is he the brother to the singer Jimmy Buffet? ;-)\:D/#-o

Mr. Buffet still lives in the home he bought in the 50’s. Are you filming that one, or his Clayton Homes I-Home?

We filmed the ihouse model in Knoxville TN - They are assembling one in Omaha this week - I guess it’s sort of Warren’s house since Clayton sold to his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. a few years ago…

here’s some more info on the model:

Here’s a photo- forgot to mention, they’re not only green but affordable. They’re starting at around 125k

It really seems to be the future of homes…

That house looks beige to me, not green.

Like you can tell anything about colors;-)

So will this now bring world wide attention to
I hope it does.