NACHI.TV just filmed Clayton Homes ihouse

It was pretty amazing. It was made of all recyclable and sustainable materials, optional solar panels and rainwater collectors, a tankless water heater, bamboo flooring, composite decking, etc.

Not only is the home green, it’s affordable. They’re starting at around 125K

Really seems to be the future of homes. NACHI.TV was invited down to tour and film the home and Warren Buffet will be touring the home and commenting this week…

Watch for the upcoming episode on NACHI.TV!

That’s really cool.

Since when did they start recycling Manufactured Homes???:shock::p:twisted::smiley:

Front page of Yahoo today:

Jim Clayton is a great guy and I remember him as being very altruistic. We lived nearby and attended Unity of Arden together in NC . He’s worth paying attention to!