NACHI Tv Not Approved?

I noted that NACHI Tvdoes not have the NACHI approval sealafforded to vendors that NACHI has approved for its members.

Was this an oversight?

Nearly none of the NACHI.TV episodes are approved by InterNACHI for CE purposes. That is why most don’t display the InterNACHI approved seal.

But approved vendorscarry the logo.

Is the vendor (not necessarily the episodes) approved?

NACHI.TV isn’t really a vendor as it gives nearly all of it’s episodes and fruits of its labor to InterNACHI members for free. See for yourself:

You might be confusing NACHI.TV with InterNACHI’s online course system where InterNACHI partnered with NACHI.TV to provide video segments to some of our online video courses. That melding of InterNACHI’s online course technology and NACHI.TV’s online video technology is a partnership between the two operations.

How can NACHI Tv NOT be a vendor…a for-profit business, seperate from NACHI, that charges a fee to members for what it refers to as training courses?

NACHI Tv seems to take full credit for the fee based courses and InterNACHI advertises itself simply as a “sponsor” of NACHI Tv.

So should not display the NACHI Approved Education Seal

I don’t know of a single course offered by NACHI.TV. NACHI.TV doesn’t have the online course technology. Click the links within that one you posted Jim and you will find that they all take you right back to InterNACHI’s online course system.

Again, you might be confusing the mostly free NACHI.TV episodes (kind of like video brochures that you simply watch) with the NACHI.TV supplied online video within some (I think 5) of InterNACHI’s online courses which include downloadable, printable course material, quizzes, a final exam, online grading, a printable certificate of completion, auto entrance into your InterNACHI member online continuing education log, auto reporting to your state, and state CE approval, all done and provided by InterNACHI, not NACHI.TV.

The two couldn’t be more different.

No…I am looking at the page that the directory takes me to when I click on NACHI Tv. I find pay per view courses offered by NACHI Tv and sponsored by NACHI and carrying the “approved education seal”.

I find nothing to indicate that NACHI Tv is approved as a vendor.

NACHI Tv sells to members. As a member, I am curious where this money goes. Does this money go back to NACHI HQ non-profit coffers or does it stay with the vendor…er…NACHI Tv?

I think if you look through all our courses you’ll find only 5 that include course material (online video) provided by NACHI.TV.

None of these 5 courses is an InterNACHI member requirement. See They are 100% optional. Take them only if you want to. All the required courses are 100% free.

Of the 5 optional courses, all of the money is used to offset a small portion of InterNACHI’s and NACHI.TV’s costs in providing these optional course offerings, but NACHI.TV doesn’t offer any courses directly. It doesn’t have an online course system, quizzes, final exams, grading systems, certificates, course approvals or anything… like InterNACHI has.

Uh huh. That’s very informative…but what about my question?


Since you seem to be (purposely?) dense, I will use little words and simple concepts.

  1. NACHI.TV is a part of iNACHI. It does streaming internet videos about the home inspection industry, especially as it refers to iNACHI. It is free and is not a vendor because it does not sell things.

  2. iNACHI on-line education is a for profit company, that has partnered with NACHI.TV (only as a media, not as a producer) and puts out video instruction CE courses for home inspectors. The education entity does charge to view the (I assume) copyrighted material that they (not NACHI.TV produces. They do so to cover costs.

  3. The state approved CE portion involves (in states that require it, like Illinois) that a proctored test be taken to recieve credit. I can’t speak for other states, but in Illinois, the test are given and proctored by two groups that someone at NACHI authorizes to proctor the tests. Here it is Ken Sitez and Jeff Merritt (Illinois Chapter and Chicagoland Chapter Administrators). Ken and Jeff hold and proctor the tests and send in the necessary state paperwork. There may be a small fee to take the test (to cover mailing and processing costs, NOT to make a profit (at least not from the Chicagloand Chapter. I do not have information about the Illinois Chapter). So, to get state CE for a NACHI on-line education course, you have to pay to view the course (payable to NACHI on-line education) and then pay a small fee to take the test (just an administrative fee).

And, before you get all “Oh, yeah, sure. The Chapters do not make a profit.” crap. NACHI Chicagoland Chapter is a state and federal registered 501©(6) corporation and is audited, annually. Argue with our lawyer and accountant.

Hope this helps;

BTW: Why are you so dense? I figured it out the first time Nick posted the answer.

Are you sure about that? How can a ‘For-profit’ company be part of a ‘Non-profit’ organization? I thought was part of Reports, Inc (Nick, Chris’ other for profit venture). Or, did you not mean that literally?

Maybe I am not clear on the specifics. Ask Nick.

My point was that the for profit on-line education part is seperate.

I was trying to answer Jim’s innuendo that NACHI is somehow a vendor.

You know how Jim is. Suspicious and not clear on complex relationships.

Hope this helps;

NACHI.TV is owned and operated by Reports, Inc, a separate for-profit company. NACHI.TV produces online video content specifically for home inspectors.

InterNACHI is a non-profit company. InterNACHI provides a number of online courses for home inspectors. InterNACHI has partnered with NACHI.TV to produce a few advanced courses that utilize NACHI.TV video technology. NACHI.TV does not provide online education–InterNACHI does. NACHI.TV just provides the technology and production capabilities.

InterNACHI is the education vendor. NACHI.TV is the technology vendor.

OK Will , gotcha. I think JB has also questioned the intermingling and blurring of the boundaries between iNACHI and so I just wanted to better understand.

That’s not to say that NACHI.TV/Reports, Inc. aren’t involved in the development/production of some courses, but NACHI.TV is not the educational vendor, InterNACHI is.

What he said.

(Thanks for having my back, Chris. BTW: GREAT new site!!!)

So much for helping me with MY denseness…you drooling idiot.

Why does it always have to come down to name calling? James had a question, and was unclear. Is it wrong to keep asking questions until your clear and understanding? I know James is upset with NACHI TV as I have read his threads, but is he not entitled to be upset? Is he not entitled to question things about his organization? I am not defending him, but hell I can see where I may be unclear about something and want to ask without being called an idiot.

I read a tag line that says “Learn, educate, serve and have fun doing it”…All I see is, see it my may, be called a name, and then belittle the person in an open forum.

Once again, this is all in my humble opinion

As the great orator Rodney King Said “Can’t we all just get along?” :slight_smile:

Russ, you make a good point.

In respose, and not as an excuse, I would say this.

Jim has had a habit of stalking people, just so he could disagree with them. When he was on the ESOP, he had a habit of “playing G-d”, where he would bully those on the board and threaten them. Now, for some reason, he seems to be down on Nick and NACHI, so he asks idiotic questions (tell me you didn’t understand Nick’s first answer to the question). This is a common technique for rabble rousers.

The answer was clear, but Jim kept asking, again and again, with a heavy dose of innuedno. He does not like that NACHI makes money or that some vendors make money through NACHI. Yet, he claims to be the last, true entrepenure (sp) and hates ANY intrusion into his business.

It’s like he feels that he can question everyone elses business (and, more disturbingly, their motivations) and that no one can question his.

Let’s just say that Jim and I disagree, but Jim seems to make a habit out of also being disagreeable. he also does not like when people treat him the same way he treats others.