State approved continuing education at NACHI Convention.

NACHI’s Convention next month now has over 200 industry vendors, educators, trainers, and speakers!.. all overlapping. Obviously you can’t avail yourself of all of it.

I know there is an impulse for some of you in licensed states to register for those courses that also get you your state CEs. I think this is a mistake. Let me explain…

The Convention Committee intentionally worked hard to bring in educators and speakers that can teach you stuff you won’t find anywhere else. These folks will probably never come around again… catch them now. Some of their topics (marketing, ancillary inspections, etc.) are not, and probably will never be, approved for CE in any state. That is what makes them so good.

Look, you can pickup your state CEs anywhere, anytime, back home. The Convention is a one-time opportunity to learn from vendors, educators, and speakers you might never hear from again. Get it while you can.


We will never know if these courses, and I will agree with you that they look great, will be approved for state CE if we don’t try, now will we.

As more and more states go license, I believe that we will see more and more education vendors getting their courses state approved. NACHI can help them with this through all our local chapters, where people on the ground in the various states know the law and can put in the volunteer work to help them. I don’t really care who holds the license (NACHI or the Ed vendors) but it is inevitable that this will happen more and more.

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