Nachi TV

Now that Nachi TV is no longer free I was wondering if members are paying the 99.99 a year for the use of nachi TV.

I had watched most of the free videos and I paid for about 6 fee paid courses.

Now to watch future courses I need to cough up the $99.

Just curious how others felt about Nachi TV.

I will stick with it for a bit, I feel it is worth it, I am not sure how long I will continue, I guess it depends on the content that is added.

At this time I would rather pay the $99 per year and have access to all content then pay what the price for some of the individual courses did cost.

For $99, its worth it.

It was never free. The good stuff was always pay per view, but way too expensive. Some video courses were hundreds of dollars per episode. We now have it for pennies per hour.

So what is the charge for nonmembers?

$39 +73 years of free membership. Silly, you only pay top dollar if your an existing member!

I think it is $9/month regardless of your association affiliation. That works out to be less then 5 cents an hour.

We have a great new, online video course in hi-def on deck inspections in development now. Should be out by November.

That quip should get you a free lifetime membership!!

I thought you always insisted that vendors give NACHI members bigger discounts than nonmembers? Please clarify.

When we launched the subscription version of NACHI.TV we emailed every member (and only InterNACHI members) offering them a subscription for $50 (less than 3 cents per hour) which was much, much less than cost.

Found it:

Great is the $50 offer still good or did it expire?

Any fee for lifetime membership?

Been meaning to subscribe to this for a while, so I finally did. Only to see that I can’t watch on my Ipad because of no flash support…uggggg. Back to the laptop.

Offer still good.

Will sign up soon then before it is too late.

In licensed states, with CE requirements, NACHI.TV is a bargin. Many of the courses are good for state CE.

In Illinois, where we have to get 12 hours of CE per license (a two year period), it can save an HI hundreds of dollars.

As well, all the CE vendors, at least around here, are lowering their prices because of it.

Downstate, where there are few large cities, rural inspectors can get their CE requirements for about 1/4 of what they used to pay.

It seems to help.

Full disclosure. I did a NACHI.TV segement and got paid by NACHI for it.

I also teach CE in Illinois, for our Chicagoland Chapter, and do not get paid. I pay the Chapter exactly what the charge every member, when I teach, because I also get CE credits when I teach.

Fair is fair.

Ever been an ASHI member and paid for their education? I have. Ever paid for classes from a Home Inspection school? I have.
Anyone else who has knows… NACHI.TV education is a terrific deal. No comparison in the slightest. It’s so obvious I’m surprised it’s even a thread.

Most organizations rake you over the coals for every dime. See what education you get from the National Roofing Contractor’s Association for less than $100. See what you get from any other home inspection non-profit trade association for less than $100. For what most inspection organizations charge for a single course, NACHI.TV charges less for their entire subscription catalog.

Will has made a point of disclosing and I will too. My main work is producing educational courses for InterNACHI and NACHI.TV. I wrote the Green Building course and the Log Home Inspection course, both of which are free from InterNACHI. The log home course is the only neutral, comprehensive course available anywhere to qualify home inspectors to inspect log homes. The Green Building course took seven months to produce.
Look back at my past posts and try to find the last time I tried to sell anything to anyone. My posts are about inspection, but this is too provocative to pass up.

Thanks for all your hard work Kenton and the rest of the NACHI TV staff.
I’m going to sign up. New Hampshire requires 20 hours of continuing education ever two years and I believe they except almost all of NACHI online courses.

Every month I get notices from ASHI for their classes and although they are very good they cost non-members $150.00 each which are worth I think 5 CEUs, so I would have to spend $600.00 for CEUs that only cost $50.00 with NACHI.

The savings even covers my next years due’s… Excellent.