NACHI welcomes industry leader Russell Buchanan as NACHI's new Vice President.

I am very, very honored to announce NACHI’s new Vice President, Mr. Russell Buchanan. Russell is one of the most innovative people in the inspection industry and his vision is sure to be of great help NACHI members.

Please join me in welcoming Russell to his new position at NACHI.

Congtratulations, Nick and NACHI. In addition, Russell just happens to be a loyal NACHI fan, an honorable vendor, and a helluva nice guy.

Welcome aboard Russell!

Welcome Russell.

Congrats, Russell!

I have had the pleasure of speaking with Russell on several occasions, and will attest to Keith’s post above. He is a heluva nice guy.

With his leadership and direction, NACHI can only get better!

ps…HG Rocks!!!


Ditto. Congrats to you Russell…

Kevin, it’s not “HG Rocks!”… it’s “NG Rocks!” for :stuck_out_tongue:

Russell, welcome and thank you for your support team and a great product.

I stand corrected…NG Rocks!!


Welcome aboard

Congrats Russell and welcome aboard.

Congrats Russel! We look forward to working with you in your new position!

Thank you Thank you! Thanks to Keith for his past service. I very much appreciate the opportunity and gladly accept this position as Vice President of NACHI. It is my intention to become pro active in NACHI as time goes on, working to improve relations and perception with all national organizations for NACHI and the good of the industry as a whole.

From the inspector level: To provide myself as a role model, for example, by using proper etiquette on the message boards.

At the national organizational level: To elevate NACHI through proper conduct, advertising and promoting the positive aspects of NACHI when competing with other national organizations.

From the Consumers perspective: To educate the consumer on Standards of Practice and service. Service that makes NACHI stand out on its own merit.

All home inspectors, no matter what report software or system you use, are always welcome to email me directly Russell at with any questions, ideas for NACHI, or concerns you have.

There are many different software companies to choose from. I try to convince everyone that HomeGauge is the best. Not by bashing my competitors but by promoting the benefits and positive aspects of becoming a HomeGauge user. I submit to you to do the same when making a reference to other national organizations. NACHI is a strong organization and it is our strength and image that can be used to open more doors of opportunity with companies and governmental bodies. Let us all think of this each time we post a message and each time we speak to an agent or customer.

I look forward to serving NACHI and the industry,
Russell Buchanan
HomeGauge President


I think you might want to have Sean help you post here…:stuck_out_tongue:


[FONT=Arial]Russell, welcome aboard!:smiley: [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial]I look forward to this coming year and I am sure that you will be a terrific asset to NACHI.[/FONT]

Yea Dale: Thats what happens when you paste from word into a message board. Had to do it in Notepad…which looks alot better!

…Thanks for noticing :slight_smile:


Better Have Sean or Mike take you to Salsa’s after work to celebrate a little (if your in Asheville…:smiley:

I know you wouldn’t have any problem twisting Mike’s arm…:stuck_out_tongue:

Russel, welcome aboard the NACHI Staff and wish you all the luck in the World, I am sure you will be a great asset to the organization.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

Couldn’t happen to a nicer or more deserving guy. Congrats Russell.

Welcome Russell.