NACHI will have its own Commercial Inspection course material by the Convention.

We got tired of begging and have hired a group to write our own.

Any Idea on the time slots as of yet, i am trying to get the convention class sched setup for myself…

The convention schedule is a link inside

understood. unfortunately, i’ve booked my schedule already full for the convention. i was hoping for new hampshire - alas . . .

We will have more on the Commercial Course at the convention in a day or two. Once we develop our own course material we’ll be able to do what we all want, when we want, where we want.


Rick McCullough
Alert Home Services


PLEASE, I’ll supply the donuts even. :wink:

Hi Nick,
It is nice to know who your friends are. More importantly it is nice to know who claims to be your friend but by their actions demonstrate otherwise.

On more than one occasion, I have seen you turn “lemons into lemonade.” Let’s hope that this will be one of those occasions.

**You have a great opportunity here to develop a worthwhile and technically **
superior course. I say go for it!

Good move Nick!!