NACHI developing their own commercial course!

I am in the board room at NACHI, meeting with Nick, NACHI attorneys and a commercial engineering firm to develop a better commercial inspection course and materials for NACHI and NACHI Certified Education only. As usual, we have to have the best of the best in everything we do - across the universe of PLANET NACHI.

We apologize for any incovenience we might have caused by cancelling / postponing commercial courses in New Hampshire, Buffalo, Chicago, Philladelphia and Atlanta.

We have come to the realization that other commercial courses now being taught by various inspection schools do not measure up to what we are wanting to accomplish in this industry.

The primary focus is how to get into the commercial inspection business - marketing, team management, contracts, customized software, customized reports, ASTM standards and followup procedures will be outlined in full.

Looking forward to it

Same here, I’m looking forward to seeing and hearing more.

I am interested in this course, please include industrial applications too.

I’m ready to teach it when it’s done, just let me know, yeeeehawwwww!!

How’s things in Rochester? I miss my garbage plates! :shock:

For those that don’t know what the garbage plate is…

Awesome! Keep up the good work.:smiley:

Take your time and do it right! We look forward to seeing you in New Hampshire!


I assume that qualified instructors and schools will be able to offer this NACHI course and curriculum through Nick. Correct?

You state that it is being developed for NACHI and NCE (your company, not as NACHI Certified education (noun)). The second part was not my understanding. This course will be a NACHI asset, no?

As you know, there are several qualified instructors and firms who will be willing and able to instruct to this specific curriculum. Mike Nelson is one of them (as he has indicated). I am another, through HIT Interactive.

How’s things in Rochester? I miss my garbage plates! :shock:

For those that don’t know what the garbage plate is…

Thing’s have been quiet and slow for me.
Have not had one of Nick Tahoe’s garbage plates in years. They are still very popular here. The second generation is running the business and it’s going as well as ever from what I hear.


It would be nice to get this course approved by the Massachusetts HI Board.

Could use a 3 day in the Toronto area!
Regards, Claude

As per usuall NACHI again comes to the front.

I am pleased to see all the great continuing benifits NACHI supplies .

Every week one or new good things for all comes to pass.

Thanks To NACHI and its members.

Roy Cooke A Happy NACHI member

Only NACHI could pull something like this off!!
$hit with all the talented and intelligent members that we have we could have done this in house.

There is a 3-day course taught by others, but it’s $2,000. I’m really looking forward to a NACHI course that is comprehensive. I’m taking a “light commercial” course in Orland Park (IL) in a week or so, but I’m looking for a course that will train me for larger, downtown office buildings, hi-rises, etc. This one is for low-rise offices, etc. Whoever is keeping track, count me in as soon as you’re ready to run a major commercial class.

Ive been a comercial roofer for 15 yrs, Your comercial course wood be great for comercial roof inspections. Ive seen and repaired my share of fly/bys , poor workmenship, and just plain ole ***** ethics!! When its your position to insure the clients that there roof is securely fastened propally and dry, you deffinetly have to KNOW WHAT YOUR LOOKING FOR.

The ASTM standards are what I have been using.

What is the status of this new course? Is it expected 07,08?

Wisconsin inspectors are also anxiously awaiting the new course. I guess Chicago is higher on the list and we could travel down there butwe would sure like to do it up here as well.

It’s here…


HIT Interactive, in conjunction with Nick Gromicko and NACHI, is pleased to announce the release of its Commercial Inspections Course.

This course is unique, as it dissects the ASTM Standard, and teaches inspectors what is needed to perform a commercial inspection to these ratified standards.

We remove all the mystery from the process.

The best thing of all is the fact that Nick has agreed to help bring this course to NACHI chapter locations around the US!

No kidding…

Those chapters and states interested need to start letting me know where and when!

For those not able to attend an on-site course, it will be shipping on CD within the next 3 weeks or so.

Okay folks… you asked for it, and we are delivering!

Commercial Inspections… at last. AWESOME

Wisconsin NACHI is game! We could hold it closer to the IL border if we get it before Chicago. We get IL guys up here pretty regularly and I think lodging is cheaper than in Chicago so we could be a good fit. We are ready for details and we haven’t filled any 4th quarter slots this year.