NACHI wins again and again!

Why NACHI continues to grow and is the best .
It has great education at sensible rates .

Many others just Charge just too much and make it hard on all
inspectors to get try and get as much education as possible .

Example free course.
I’ll pay your entrance fee if you are flying to this 1-day Red Flags course in Denver

I know of many including me who have taken some great courses with NACHI for free.
Other associations seem to want to squeeze as much money out of home inspectors as possible .

Yes they do have some good courses but I wonder why they are so expensive.
Conferences with other associations seem also to cost too much money .

This Message Board is a good example a large % is used by many for free. NACHI dues give so much and cost so little.

I can see why NACHI continues to Grow .

Thanks to NACHI and all its members for helping to make our Association Grow

Roy - thanks for your support!

NACHI Certified Education has dropped it’s fee to $99 plus we are giving away up to $700 in three grand prize drawings to 3 of the first 50 registrations.

We continue to offer the best speakers in the country, free food and first-class business facilities.

Hope to see you in Canada next month!