NACHI's Deanna Willis on a 5 week assignment across N. America.

NACHI’s offices will be without Deanna Willis for the next 5 weeks as she is doing REALTOR trade shows promoting the use of certified NACHI members, one after another, across N. America.

We hit last night’s marketing show at ITA on the way to take her to the airport and while she was there… she won the ITA door prize, and she’s not even an inspector. That’s Deanna for ya :roll: .

We’ll miss you Dee!

How about her Itinerary. Maybe we could buy her dinner if she comes into Atlanta!

Let us know if she will be in New Hampshire. I am sure that our Chapter members would like to meet her.

It would be nice to view her itinerary.

She’ll probably be following a list like this.

If we could view her itinerary we could show up and offer assistance and show support, if you would like the help.

Go Dee! have fun…! sounds like a fun adventure

Dee, swing by Los Angeles, and be picked up by an English chauffer (me), and waited on hand and foot by by an English butler (also me). You can talk to Jacki (she who must be obeyed) while I drive and/or do the dishes. Your ears must be burning because Nick et al was singing your praises in Las Vegas.

I don’t know if I can keep this up for another 4 weeks. Having to cover for Dee made me realize just how much work she does. I’m exhausted.

Someone’s gonna get a raise when she gets back… :wink:

Well, I am at the airport again and feeling tired already. I have been in FL for the last week and stopped by Pro-Lab today. If your ever in Miami you should swing by Pro-Labs beautiful building and check out there big operation.

Next stop is MD. If any of you are close Annapolis/Chesapeake Bay give me a call (720-244-3421) and I will meet you for lunch.

Hi Dee. If you get to the upstate of South Carolina near Greenville let me know.

I am jealous you’re going to be in the Annapolis area. Go to Riordan’s (sp?) downtown. Best crab dip around.

If thats the one off Main street, your right awesome. I miss Maryland! :cry:
I use to live just south of Annapolis. Crab cakes! mmmmmm

Yes. It’s right in the heart of dowtown. Great for happy hour. Riordan’s and McGarvey’s are my favorites. You had to bring up crab cakes, didn’t you? Now I’ve gotta craving.


If you are planning to go NorthEast a bit, give me a ring. 978-683-4984

I’d be happy to show you around Boston.

Let’s Go Redsox!!!

Be careful in MD,the cops don’t have a weird sense of humor. I got locked up on my birthday about 30 years ago and they carried me about 50 miles away stopped put me out and said happy birthday you can walk back to D.C.! Have fun :shock: :shock: :shock:

Oh my goodness! That’s terrible!

Come visit me in Wilmington, NC

I am here for the North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector Association’s Winter 2007 Conference.

[size=2]Over 200 Inspectors are attending so far :smiley: [/size]