NACHI's Executive Director has lunch with NY Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.

Today, our own John Bowman had lunch with Eliot Laurence Spitzer. Mr Spitzer is the current New York State Attorney General and a likely 2006 nominee for Governor of New York. Soon to be Governor Spitzer carries a NACHI business card in his wallet.

The primary topic centered around the declining housing industry. Mr. Bowman. who is contracted with the state of NY as a Housing Industry Expert and Examiner, was intrumental in getting NACHI’s exam adopted for use by New York State in its recent home inspector licensing law.

Sounds good for you New York’ers!! Yo! Forget A’bout it

You did make him leave the tip didn’t you? :mrgreen:

Great job John!
Good people in good places.

way to go John!

I hope you invited Pat Miaetta :slight_smile: