How about some honest answers...

HI folks, I’m very new to the inspection industry and have been sitting on the fence watching NACHI and CAHPI for the past 6 months or so. I have seen both associations members “beat up” on each other online and still have not made a sound decision for myself. So, today I said screw it all, I’m gonna ask these guys some questions. Some of them may seem stupid, but they are important to me.

  1. Why join NACHI instead of CAHPI? (Not looking for a damn essay, just a simple sentence or two.)

  2. I am in Atlantic Canada, what does NACHI do for its members here?

  3. Does NACHI actually provide free items such as signs, keychains, etc. to hand out to potential clients?

Thats all for now guys, I’m sure I’ll get some responses.


Why not use a name?


1 take a look at the avaliable benefits iNACHI offers its members…list is very long. (You can find the list on the home page).

  1. Don’t know much about Atlantic Canada but iNACHI benefits are extended
    to all members.

3 iNACHI does support members at trade shows and provides lots of stuff at
chapter meetings.

The information avaliable on the MB alone is well worth the cost of membership.

As for CAHPI-- I’ve never seen that org provide anything but grief to its members (Sorry Bill, I wasn’t refering to you personaly… just my past experience)


Hey is that Wand posting agian? Nahci does zip, nadda, zilch, zero, nothing for Canadians. Just a marketing venue for vendors. Mouse pads, pens, coffee cups, tape measures, thats about the benefits. Join CAHPI/NCA, CMHC endorses it, you can’t get much better than that my boy. Bubba

Care to elaborate on that one? How do you know this?

And no, I am not Wand.

What chapter meetings? What support? A Nahci table cloth, banner, and brochures. Whoooopeeee do! So you can post on this board for free, what does ya need a membership for.? There are also other free boards just as good as this were you can post. If you have to rely on Nahci to supposedly helping you are so mistaken.

Hey are you sure your not Wand? They blame him for everything. They don’t like his questions, they hit a nevre all the time. He asks questions jusk like you.

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Gee, I don’t know Marc. You might be on to something.

were you a previous NACHI member?

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Okay I believe you are Marc. But who is Wanderer? That name sure looks familear.

Beats me. If you asked me, I’d say he lives in some other part of your head, but I’m not a doctor. Many of you Canadian guys are goofy. Everything I know about Canada I learned by reading this Canadian forum area here and from watching The Red Green Show.


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Raymond Wand has issues, big issues. He needs to check himself into the nearest mental institution.

If you folks wanna chat please do it elsewhere. I’m looking for solid information and you are not answering my questions. Thanks.

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Raymond Wand Home Inspection Service
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Okay so here is what Mario won’t tell ya. You can get free membership in Nahci, as most Canadians get free membership. You get promotional crap like cups, key fobs, mouse pads, blah, blah. You get no regional support because there are no regional meeting in your areas. You get no assurance of proper complaint procedure. You get lied to. You get lots of Nahci genrated email spam. Short of this board there are no real tangeble benefits. And you will get lots, lots of dirty emails and red stars cause most of th e American hicks hate Canadians.

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