Nail pops

Found this today. When I enter the attic I can see daylight through these holes. Arround this same area the plywood sheathing was rotted out. I recommend having this repaired by a licensed roofer.

Picture 017 (Small).jpg

nail pops.jpg

I would have called out the nails just for being exposed let alone popping.

Are those pops or where a nitwit nailed a clete on the roof then pulled it off?

I think Carl wins the cigar. The nail holes have a distinct pattern and judging from the fact that all four nails are missing (pulled out) I vote for the cleat theory. He is still a nitwit though for not sealing the holes. Just illustrates perfectly what one little nail hole can result in. A lot of realtors would say you are nitpicking if you list nail holes as a discrepancy. Print a copy and keep it with you for “show and tell”. Good catch by the way. I thought of possibly where a satellite dish bracket may have been removed too.

No cigars!!! I have watched to many {ROOFERS} nail cletes on like that and never put sealant on them when they pull the cletes! The bad thing is there are several ways to put them on and not damage the roof.

The only reason I reported it is because from the attic I can fit my screw driver in the holes.

a removed satilite dish more likely.

A rooftop blender from the '50s.

Could be a roof top blender but the 50s was before my time!