Nail Pop?

While mounting a roof the other day i looked across the roof plane a observed what i thought could be a nail pop. As i got closer I’m thinking that is weird first time i had ever seen a copper roof nail used on a shingle roof. On closer examination i realised what goes up must come down. My guess is 38 caliber

f-ing morons.

If you were in Ft Pierce that would not surprise me. :stuck_out_tongue:


That was good!!
But that picture was of a home in Wellington, which money magazine rates in their top 100 places to live in the Country. What’s up with that

Everyone like to party on New Years!!! :wink:

Very little oxidation. I’m thinking July 4th

Complete idiots are everywhere.

See them all the time down here. But I wouldnt pull it out. You may have just created a leak.

Perhaps, although I wouldn’t expect much oxidation on copper embedded in asphalt, if from NY 2011.

The important question is, did and how was this info included in your report? Could be a serious issue, is neighbors frequently shoot their guns into the air, or was it a ricochet, or ???

It did not appear misshaped as if ricochet

Was it fired? Are there any striations? If not maybe it was from a reloader, kids got a hold of it and threw it or used a sling shot.

It appears to be fired when i zoomed in. It would have to be one hell of a slingshot to embed it in that shingle.

If if was thrown I wanna be that kids agent :slight_smile:

I once was called out to a job to find out what was causing a leak and found one of these…like Meeker says, idiots everywhere!

Hey I was watching the news the other day and there were a whole bunch of them in Libya making roof leaks too! :neutral:

Every time I see those idiots shooting in the air I wonder how many it has killed. They probably chalk it up to snipers.

Not many thing dumber than shooting into the air.

Unless you are bird hunting with bird-shot.

I did not look at the imbedded pic LOL


May I have a copy of those to use as an aid during firearms classes?

I teach a few classes

I’ll send copies too your business e-mail

Received thanks

I too have found a fired bullet on a roof top in Fort Pierce, on Sunrise Blvd., just a cpl blks west of US1.

Mark, I rarely find nail pops. They are almost always under or angle driven nails.