EPDM roofing ?

Roof had snow on part of it and the dam panels dont help getting up on the roof, so camera pole came in handy. But not sure type of roofing material this is. Usually EPDM has wider widths and seams are covered with another piece of material. The fotos show the adhesive that ‘oozed’ out and also it appears there may have been a waterproofing paint installed over it.
Any help in material ID and opinion on waterproofing material installed over it.

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Sorry, no pictures available.

Do you want my stupid assed guess? Or do you really want to know what it is?

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Not sure if you got the fotos in my post, and No, I dont want the guess.

Hard to tell for sure.To bad you could not get on a ladder at the edge to show more.

Yeah I wish also but snow on ground and roof edges were ice over at the gutters. At least I was able to confirm a membrane roofing and not shingles. I will just report as much. Thanx for reply