NAR is against making every home in america energy efficent homes

Congressional Testimony: Energy Labeling Misguided. NAR supports the goals of legislation to encourage making homes more energy efficient but says the best way to do that is through incentives and education, a REALTOR® told lawmakers at a hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives this week. David Wluka, a member of NAR’s Global Climate Change Presidential Advisory Group, testified that the Green Resources for Energy Efficient Neighborhoods (GREEN) Act, H.R. 2336, largely moves in the right direction. Of greater concern is another bill, called the American Clean Energy and Security Act, H.R. 2454, which would create a system of energy labels for homes and buildings across the country. “Labeling every home in America will not improve building efficiency,” said Wluka. “During this time of economic crisis, many families and commercial property owners do not have the financial resources to make needed energy-related improvements. Adding to the cost of homeownership would compound the challenges many home owners are already facing.”

Isn’t it cute how they use the same argument to fight against minimum basic safety standards in building a home (codes), licensing or otherwise attesting to the skills of the builders and contractors who are constructing the home…and now EPA standards?

They spend millions to ensure that there is ABSOLUTELY NO ACCOUNTABILITY for the way a home is constructed…yet spend millions more to lobbyists to have TOTAL CONTROL over the person who reports its condition to their client and possibly “kill their deal”…through the HI legislation they have sodomized several states with in a nationwide campaign.

There has to be a special place in hell for these vermin when they die.

Government in action; or in-action. Confusion is the new norm. Most people do not care; all they want is a new cell phone every week.

If the cap and trade energy bill gets through the senate, it is entirely possible that municipalities will be inspecting private homes for energy efficiency, gack!

True. There are over 1,200 pages in the cap and trade bill, with a 300+ supplement introduced at 3:09 A.M. the other morning. There are several pages in the bill regulating real estate agents, appraisers, and performing energy audits on all homes BEFORE they are listed for sale. This means replacing windows, adding insulation, replacing all appliances and HVAC equipment, change all light bulbs to CFL’s, etc. These “inspections” supercede all rules in all states reguarding home inspections.

Buckle up.

Some utilities companies in my area are performing energy audits now but most are subbing out to private auditors/inspectors.

Well, I have a personal take on the new standards for HUD appraisals. I think it’s just another bureaucratic mess. It deals with nuisances.

1. General Requirements - For all properties built before January 1, 1978, the appraiser must inspect ALL interior and exterior surfaces, such as walls, stairs, deck, porch, railing, eaves, windows, doors, fences, detached garages and other outbuildings and appurtenant structures for defective paint surfaces (i.e. chipping, peeling or flaking paint) and report defective conditions in the appraisal report.

This is driving everyone crazy. I point out peeling paint as part of my inspection and make a note that it may be a problem if FHA financing is being pursued. There was a detached garage that has some peeling paint in the soffit. The appraiser demanded this gets repaired prior to the loan approval. The re-inspect fee was $75. The appraisal fee was $350. I did the inspection for $319 and found a serious leak around the stone fireplace that was 60" wide on the outside of the home without cricket flashing. Both sides of the interior drywall was soaking wet and the exterior cedar siding was rotten (but the paint wasn’t peeling). The appraiser had no mention of the rotting wood or leaking walls, but if the paint wasn’t repaired the buyer wasn’t going to be approved.

This is a joke! The house bill HR2454 for Cap & Trade is even going to make this worse. This bill requires FHA appraisers to be trained and assign a value to a home with renewable energy resources in it. In fact, it is possible that a home owner will need to make energy improvements to the home before it can be sold. This is Change We Need???

Kind of like raising taxes…:frowning:

In a capitalistic market it is up to the consumers to initiate the change…anything outside of that results in problems.

Name the state that has a licensing law initiated by consumers.

I agree with Greg. We should all fight against the cap & Tax bill. If it passes, no longer will we be able to set our own prices, prepare our own custom reports, and run our businesses as we see fit. The Feds will, according to the bill, supercede all state regs & Codes. BTW they have allotted $200.00 for a Hers report.

Fight this bill.

Tim gardner

The peeling paint is an older standard that has been reiniated. I remember dealing with that a lot years ago. According to some HUD government officials I know, this was dropped because of pressures from NAR. Sad but true.

You might try getting your news other than FOX. :wink:

I read the Bill, did you?


Most people knows that some weather-stripping and insulation can save a lot of money. The burden is paying the higher energy bill every month.

People are actually using less gas, less utilities, saving more, buying fewer cars, etc. This results in less tax revenue for the states and the government. All they are doing is trying to find other sources of tax income. Use less energy, raise rates, raise taxes. Tax sugar. Talk of a mileage tax is everywhere. The government needs money to pay interest on the national debt. Replacing windows, HVAC, appliances, will generate more tax revenue because these items will have to be purchased.

I did not think it would be long before the feds moved in on our industry. Thanks to “the other national home inspection orginization” and all of the RE associations nationwide. They will get what they wanted. I have not read the bill, but it is not good for all of us. The senate vote will not come up until September, so we have time to voice our opinions. Most all state licensing laws will be out the window if this cr*p and tirade bill passes.

In our area, this standard has been enforced to the letter. I’ve attache 4 pics to this post. Paint1, Paint2, Paint3 deals with actual repairs that “must be done before loan approval” and those were documented as maintenace issues in our report. Roof1 was what I documented as a defect on our report that was not even mentioned in the appraisal.

WAKE UP! This is not about REALTORS or NAR. This is about our businesses. Appraisers are on the verge of getting a very big boost with the HR2454 if it’s not stopped NOW. Our clients can choose to have an inspection or not. Our clients can choose whomever they trust that will work for them. They MUST pay for an appraisal. We all know that appraisers do not work for the buyers and they are mandated to be rotated by the lenders be “fair”. If this bill passes, they will also be in charge of applying a value for the energy efficiency of the home they are appraising. Take a look again at the ROOF 1 photo and tell me who is looking out for the client???!!!

IMO, we don’t need Big Brother dictating who does what for whatever reason. I think that happened about 236 years ago and that’s what started our Great Country. That seems to be going by the wayside extremely quickly.






Wow, people must be tuning into MJ’s tributes rather than paying a little attention to the things that are happening in congress at the moment that will affect all of us in the future. I must be too opinionated since there hasn’t been any responses to this for the last 24 hours. At least FNC presents both sides of the argument rather than being spoon fed what “they think” one should know about.:roll:

For those that care, the “wicked witch” did a pretty darn good job asking a couple of hard questions yesterday! I hope everyone has a Happy and Safe 4th of July!

LOL, we just switched to a different thread .

I wonder where you got the term “wicked witch”. Most likely from the news station that “presents both sides of the argument”. No bias there.:wink: