National Home Inspection Exam?

Hi I am new to NACHI and i need to take the national test to finish with my Wisconsin requirements for HI. I have passed all the NACHI tests up to the moisture intrusion inspection course do i need to know more or will these be enough to pass the test?

First go to your profile and edit your info to include your location.

Take the NACHI exam repeatedly until you seldom miss a question.

Passing the NHIE will depend on your background, experience and level of training and how well you take tests under pressure.

Good luck.

Try doing this a couple of times as well.

I think Gerry means this one.

In Illinois, if you pass the state test, you have also passed the NHIE.

Is that official somewhere?


When I passed my state exam, they sent me an e-mail to a site (the NHIE site) that asked for a verification number and faxed me a copy of the certificate that I had also passed the NHIE.

One and the same test. ASHI gave it to the state and the state added a couple of questions about state law and there you go.

Besides, the NHIE exam and answer sheet has been circulating around to years, among ASHI guys (especially those who ran pre-licensing schools).

Kinda makes the NHIE pretty meaningless, at least in Illinois, don’t it?

I do not recall that procedure but take your word for it.

They say memory is the first thing to go.

I used the I-NACHI exam to prep for the NHIE. I passed the 1st time up with flying colors.

I recommend that you obtain the recommend study guides for the NHIE and study like hell. The NACHI tests are no where in the same class has the NHIE. Like Micheal said, much depends on your back ground as well.

I bought all the code check books at Home Depot and that really helped me. Still use them all the time for reference.

Yep, the answers are everywhere. I get them mailed to me regularly by everyone in the industry who comes upon them. They are sold on eBay for $25 from time to time. The beginners NHIE is a meaningless, easy exam with a low passing cut-off score equivalent to 70%. Keep going through the many quizzes found in and you’ll be fine. Our quizzes (but not final exams) allow you to check your answers against the correct answer key so that you learn.

As usual more misinformation about the NHIE…

OK let me try to help y’all with this:

If you pass the IL exam it is not considered the same as passing the NHIE. If IL had used a module test for their state specific questions (like Washington State has done) then you would have also passed the NHIE if you passed the IL exam. The state of IL did not want to do this so 25 questions of the NHIE are removed and 25 State specific questions were are added every year. This is why no other State will accept the IL exam for the NHIE to meet their state requirements.

Nobody in the general public will have the questions to the NHIE. It is impossible to have the exact same questions and answers as the test is changed every year and up to 4 different exams are used every year.

Anyone that is saying that they have the questions for the NHIE is either flat out lying, they are an trying to scam you or they just don’t have a clue.

Those that say they had no trouble passing the NHIE either have some experience in the trades, the profession or have studied and know what is required of a home inspector to perform their job.

Hope this helps to keep everything straight.

Considering it is a 25 question difference I doubt there is much difference to the Illinois exam Scott.

It is just semantics.

When out in the field I never had a choice between A) B) C) or all of the above D):slight_smile:

The real test is out in the field and CE where NACHI beats ASHI by miles.

We have open learning and Forums.

Who cares about goofy tests? The real test is getting doing a good job for the client.

I agree it is semantics for the most, but if they(the state of IL) had only used a separate state specific test then folks could use the test to get a license in another state. It impacts those on the boarder more than those in the interior part of the state. Yep, test are a pain but it is what it is and if you are in a licensed state ya gotta do what the man tells you to do!

You may be right about the border issue,though I know at least one (MO) has no Licensing at all.

I have no idea why Illinois test is different other than perhaps if related to codes.

Correct. Passing one exam doesn’t teach anyone anything unless it is combined with education. Regardless of his/her score, an exam taker doesn’t know any more coming out of an exam than he/she did going in. And any association that uses the passing of but one beginners exam (NHIE) as the basis to award their highest membership status is no different than diploma mill ASHI.

Want to be the best inspector in your market area? Learn something new every evening after dinner:

This used to be little more than competitive advertising, but Nick is right.

I spent the last year with an ASHI membership and found it to be the most expensive magazine subscription (the only tangible membership benefit is “The ASHI Reporter”) I ever paid for.

When I joined, I was angry at NACHI/Nick for what I perceived to had been unforgivable interference with those of us fighting a terrible licensing law in Kansas. I honestly wanted to get the flavor and the boost from my ASHI membership.

First, I went to their message board. If you think that TIJ is a desolate and unfrequented board with weeks between posts, you should check out ASHI. The only time anyone responds to a post is if there is (a) a spelling error, or (b) a request for support or money.

Then I studied my options for membership. I was a member…but if I wanted to be a member with the ASHI logo … I had to pay money to the folks that run the NHIE to prove I had entry level skills, like the newbies getting licensed in Arizona do. Then…after proving I had entry level skills…I had to pick out 50 inspections and wait until someone told me which five (for a fee) would be reviewed. Then, after paying the additional fees…my dues would be increased annually so that…I could be a member with a logo.

Next…I could pick out two hundred more names and (for an additional fee) another 20 inspections would be reviewed and then I could pay another increased annual fee to be a “certified” ASHI member with a logo.

Still trying to figure out why on earth I would want to spend all this money and go through all this trouble JUST so that I could pay higher annual dues, I started looking around for training opportunities.

With the exception of a few on-line courses that NACHI would use as teasers to get people to buy the full course, there was nothing. Period. I had to drive over two hundred miles in one direction to find an active chapter to get my CEUs and, frankly, our St Louis NACHI chapter presented better stuff with Joe Farsetta and Joe Tedesco for a third of the fee.

Like I said…I wanted to be happy at ASHI and was looking to make it work for me. The first realtor that I met here in the Ozarks, when I told her I was a member of ASHI, asked “Is that a good thing to be? I never heard of that.” Having just left St. Louis, where ASHI members and realtors share sales commissions (practically), this was quite a shock.

So I am qualified to tell you…with no hyperbole and with no malice toward either association…ASHI is a sham. The NHIE that supposedly qualifies you for a “mark of distinction” is now nothing more than what states use for entry level inspectors who then qualify to pay a licensing fee and begin a business.

NACHI has accumulated the most comprehensive offering of inspector educational and preparation materials known to the industry…and you can challenge me by looking around and finding its equal and reporting it back to this thread. There is no one at an even close second place.

We have our share of bums, as do the rest of the societies and associations, but the arsenal and the plethora of knowledge and information that every member has access to makes it the greatest home inspection association in the world.

I am proud of Nick’s decision to keep our tests and materials out of the hands of states who would use it for screening “entry level” candidates for licensure…and keeping it where it distinguishes the cream of the crop.

Cream of the crop??? Msny here seem Lactose intolerant James.

LOL…I think I made room in my testimony for the exceptions.:wink:

Somebody explain what Cream of the Crop means.
I thought cream came from cows.